Square for Restaurants


From restaurants to retail, catering to wine tasting, we’ve got you covered.

Built to handle all aspects of your business

Food & Drink

Square for Restaurants keeps service seamless, front of house to back. Optimize floor plans, track real-time sales and manage menus from anywhere.


Square for Retail helps you simplify selling and manage inventory with ease. Ring up sales quickly, and track stock levels from your POS.


Customize your POS based on how you run your business, whether your needs change from day to night or by location.

Mix and match the services and tools you need


Create custom invoices in seconds for catering jobs or special events, and give customers convenient ways to pay you faster.


Let customers book appointments, cooking classes or food pickups 24/7 with a free online booking site, and send them automated reminders about their time slot.


From catered events to workshops to private parties, Square can help you manage and book events.


Square KDS

A kitchen display system that keeps your whole restaurant in sync.

  • Handle the rush and reduce costs with digital tickets.
  • Manage all your orders from one screen.
  • Optimize how and what you serve with in-depth ticket reporting.

Third-party software integration

Sync your system with restaurant management software including Avero, QuickBooks and Plate IQ. Explore contactless solutions for food and beverage.

Without Square, we wouldn’t be scaling.

Zachary Forman, Tartinery

Order Manager

Get orders from DoorDash, Uber Eats (all via Chowly) and more straight to your POS. Consolidate online order reporting.

  • Receive all online orders on one tablet.
  • Skip manual order entry to reduce errors.
  • Automatically print kitchen tickets.

Online ordering

Start taking orders directly on your restaurant website for no monthly fees or commissions. Set up delivery and curbside pickup and limit in-person contact with self-serve ordering.

  • Sell tickets to events or workshops.
  • Sync pickup orders with all food orders.
  • Sync merchandise inventory with sales.


Payment processing your way. Accept all types of payments quickly and securely, whether you’re tableside, behind the counter, in the shop or on the go.

  • Next-day transfers, same rate across cards.
  • No refund fees, no chargeback fees.
  • End-to-end encryption, PCI compliant.


There’s data behind every dish. Understand all aspects of your business with detailed data and custom reports.

  • See real-time sales directly on your POS.
  • Run reports by daypart, covers, employees, comps and voids.
  • Know what sells best and get alerts when inventory is low.

Know your customers

Offer more of what they want, and use analytics to grow your business intelligently.

  • Review profiles, visits and feedback to see who’s coming back and why.
  • Measure the effectiveness of loyalty programs and promotions.
  • Send targeted messages to new or lapsed customers.


Categorize your retail inventory, know when stocks are low and save time during checkout with barcode labels.

  • Set low-stock thresholds and get email alerts when they’re reached.
  • Create and send purchase orders to vendors in minutes.
  • Track and transfer your stock across locations in real time.

More tools to help you succeed

Team Management

Manage your team and assign permissions while saving on labour costs.


Get a custom plan based on your business.
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Contact Sales

Custom pricing is available if you process more than $250,000 per year.
Other exclusions apply. Contact Sales >

In good company

Tens of thousands of restaurants and retailers trust Square.

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  • Is Square for Restaurants right for my business?

    Square for Restaurants is a good fit for single- and multi-location full-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, fast-casual restaurants, bars, breweries and multi-concept restaurants. We now offer a free version of Square for Restaurants in addition to our paid plans.

  • How much does Square for Restaurants cost?

    We have three pricing plans. Our Free plan covers basic day-to-day service. For more complex needs, our Plus plan is $60 per month per location plus $40 per month per additional device. Square KDS is included in our Plus plan at no additional device charge. To get started with Premium, contact our Sales team. Plus and Premium include a 30-day free trial.

    All Square for Restaurants plans have a processing rate of 2.65%. Custom pricing is available if you process more than $250,000 per year. Contact Sales to learn more. For more details on our plans, visit our pricing page.

  • What’s included in each of the three pricing plans?

    All three Square for Restaurants plans include Fast Order Entry, Menu Manager, Order Manager, Table Management, Open Bills, Auto-Gratuity, Remote Device Management, Multi-Location Management, the Square Team Management free plan and 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT support.

    With the Plus plan, you gain access to Square KDS and features including Close of Day Reports, Auto 86ing, Item Availability, Shared Device Settings, Advanced Reporting, Live Sales Reports, Square Team Plus and 24/7 Support.

    Premium subscribers get everything listed above as well as custom pricing for additional Square tools, such as Square Loyalty and Square Online. Eligibility applies. Contact Sales to learn more.

    To see a complete list of features for each plan, visit our pricing page.

  • Is Square KDS included in Restaurants Plus?

    Yes, Square KDS is available with the Square for Restaurants Plus subscription ($60/location) with no additional cost per KDS display.

  • Is hardware included?

    Hardware is not included with Square for Restaurants subscriptions, but you can compare the cost of compatible kits and devices to build an all-in-one package that suits your needs. We also work with iPad and industry kitchen printers, receipt printers, cash drawers and routers, so you can use your existing hardware as well.

  • Is the hardware bought or leased?

    All hardware, whether purchased as a one-time cost or financed, is bought. It’s 100% yours once you’ve completed payments.

  • How do I set up Square for Restaurants?

    You can sign up for the free version of Square for Restaurants or start a free 30-day trial of Square for Restaurants Plus here. Please note: You’ll need to use a computer to sign up. Setup is simple, and you can self-onboard with the Free and Plus plans. But if you need help, we offer one-on-one implementation services and 24/7 customer support for sellers on our Plus/Premium plans and M–F, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT, customer support for sellers on our Free plan. To discuss a custom Premium plan, contact our Sales team.

  • How do I switch from Square Point of Sale to a Restaurants plan?

    You can switch from Square Point of Sale to the Free or Plus Square for Restaurants plans by subscribing here. You’ll be able to utilize your existing features and setup. The only new setup will be for added functionality that’s included with your Restaurants plan.

  • How do I upgrade or downgrade my Square for Restaurants plan?

    You can upgrade from the Free restaurants plan to the Plus plan by subscribing to it here. You’ll be able to utilize all existing features and setup. The only new setup will be for the added functionality that’s included with your upgrade. After your 30-day free trial, you’ll be charged $60 per month per location. If you choose not to subscribe, you’ll be downgraded to the Free Restaurants plan, and you can continue to use the Restaurants POS system or choose to use Square Point of Sale.

    You’ll have the option to keep your Team Plus subscription. (If you cancel it, you’ll still be able to utilize the Team Management free plan features.) You’ll see messaging in your Dashboard letting you know which features you’ll lose with the downgrade. You can see and compare plan features on our pricing page.

    To upgrade to the custom Premium plan, contact our Sales team.

Currently, Square is not compatible with the sales recording module (SRM) in Quebec. However, we offer an integration with Koomi, which is SRM compatible.