Make the Most of Square Point of Sale with These Hot New Features

This summer, we’ve launched a number of free new features and tools that can help you get the most out of Square Point of Sale. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s new.

Get the data you need most with Report Builder

Small business owners around the world love using Square Dashboard to get detailed insights into how their business is performing — from their top-selling items to their busiest times of the week. Now we’ve added Report Builder, a tool that allows you to create custom sales reports.

The simple interface allows you to arrange the data into sections that let you drill down on the metrics you care most about. Report Builder is available now in your Dashboard — simply log in and start experimenting.

Simplify your books with the Kashoo accounting app

Kashoo is one of the newest additions to Square App Marketplace. It’s a simple, cloud-based accounting software tool for small businesses that helps you record and track expenses, generate reports, prep for tax time and, best of all, sync all the sales you process through Square Point of Sale. With Kashoo and Square working together, all your credit and debit card transactions — including sales, refunds, discounts and taxes — are imported automatically into one place.

Make the Most of Square Point of Sale with These Hot New Features

Track your customers’ orders with Dining Options

If you’re in the restaurant business, keeping track of your customers’ plans to dine in, take their orders to go, or request a delivery can add time to your busy day. Now, you can differentiate between these types of orders right at the point-of-sale with the Dining Options feature.

Perfect for cafes and bars, the Dining Options feature allows you to create up to ten dining options to choose from, such as For Here, Take Away and Delivery. Every time a customer orders food or drink, the option your customer chooses appears on both the receipt and the kitchen order ticket, making it easy to track in the moment — and after the fact. Turn on Dining Options with the Square app or through your Dashboard and start streamlining the order process.

Talk to a real person when you need support

Make the Most of Square Point of Sale with These Hot New Features

This is Square Australia’s support team. Whether you’re preparing to launch a new business or have an existing business and want to upgrade your point-of-sale system, Square Support is here to help you get up and running. You can now speak directly with our local support team on the phone when you have questions.

Call us Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Melbourne time) at 1800 760 137.

If speaking on the phone isn’t your thing, you can still access all the information you need 24/7 at our online Support Centre or tweet us at @SqSupportAU.

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