Let Square Point of Sale Help You Keep Tabs on Your Business from the Beach

When was the last time you took a holiday? It can be hard as a small business owner to feel like you can let go and get away. But with winter approaching in Australia, the idea of a short trip to a warmer climate can be very tempting.

How do you know that your business won’t completely fall apart the minute you walk out the door? Square Analytics can help.

When you’re ready to start planning your break, take a data-driven approach and let the analytics in your Square Dashboard help you identify the smartest times to go. Just log in to your Dashboard and select Sales to find detailed reports on your busiest sales periods. The analytics also help you identify the days and months when your business slows down a little — these are the best times to book that long weekend to Australia’s sunny, tropical North Coast.

While you’re away, you can keep half an eye on your business (we know, it’s hard to switch off completely). Just use your Dashboard to check in on sales, returns and other metrics remotely. Jesse from Get Naked Espresso Bar in historic Bendigo, Victoria, loves Dashboard’s real-time reporting capabilities. “If I can’t come into the shop, I can log in to the dashboard and look at how sales are going in real time” he says.

There’s no need to bother your employees with phone calls during the day — Square Point of Sale is as close as your mobile device. Now all you need to do is put someone you trust in charge, pack the essentials and start researching those beautiful, warm beaches. Your mental health will thank you.