Introducing Square and Linktree’s Integration - How It Works

Square Linktree Integration

Square and Australia-based link-in-bio startup Linktree are making it easier for you to accept payments on social media. The Square and Linktree integration enables you to create Commerce Links, which allows you or your business to accept payments from your loyal customers, fans or viewers of your content.

The ‘creator economy’ - YouTubers, photographers, social media influencers and more - is an increasingly growing career path in the digital age. Commerce Links, powered by Square, enables Linktree users to engage in frictionless transactions, quicker paths to purchase for their customers, more opportunities for monetisation and an ability to connect their online ecosystem to their products or services.

How does the integration work between Square and Linktree?

It’s easy to integrate Linktree with your Square account. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Apps section of your online Square Dashboard and click ‘Visit App Marketplace’.
  2. Search for Linktree in the search bar > click Search.
  3. Under Linktree, click Get Started.
  4. Allow permissions to access your Square account information.

If you’re new to Linktree, or if you need help connecting your existing Linktree account with Square, take a look at Linktree’s Help Centre for more information.

You can also watch Linktree’s YouTube video on how to connect a payment account.

The Passion Fund - and how to enter

Passion Fund

To celebrate the launch of the new integration, Square and Linktree have partnered to put together a grant program to win a share of $250,000 USD. The Passion Fund will award creators, business owners, activists, or anyone with a big dream with an investment and tools to help turn their passion into a career.

Beginning on 12am May 27, 2021 (AEST), standout creators and entrepreneurs around the world are invited to submit their application to receive a share of the $250,000 USD fund.

The submissions will be judged by a panel of influential, self-made business leaders, creators, founders and digital experts chosen for their unique stories and experiences turning their passions into thriving businesses, including:

  • Karamo: American television host, reality television personality, author, actor, and activist. Karamo currently stars as the culture/life coach expert on Queer Eye.
  • Li Jin: Founder and General Partner of Atelier Ventures, an early-stage VC fund focused on the passion economy & future of work. She was previously a consumer partner at Andreessen Horowitz.
  • Grace Beverley: Successful entrepreneur shaking up the archaic business world, with a global reach of over 1.5 million and founder of two brands that are paving the way in D2C fitness concepts. Grace was Natwest GBEA Young Entrepreneur of the Year and named first in Forbes 30 under 30’s retail and e-commerce list, aged twenty-three.
  • Alex Zaccaria: Linktree co-founder and CEO. Alex has been a serial entrepreneur and creator since his teens, managing musicians and generating revenue streams for his artists, before launching a digital agency, which Linktree was born out of.
  • Lauren Weinberg: Square’s Global Head of Marketing. For the past three years, she has led Square’s marketing and communications teams, helping tell its story of economic empowerment.

The Passion Fund has three tiers - Gold, Silver and Bronze – and funds will be awarded as follows:

  • Gold: 9 x $20,000
  • Silver: 10 x $4000
  • Bronze 10 x $1000

There will also be a People’s Choice Award Winner, who is selected by the public and will receive $20,000.

To further pursue their passions and work towards their goals, all winners will receive exclusive use of Linktree benefits including lifetime PRO access, marketing workshops with the Linktree team and no transaction fees on their Commerce Links.

For specific submission criteria, please visit the Passion Fund website. Applications close 11:59pm, July 7 AEST.