Why You Should Schedule Your Email Before the Christmas Holidays

It’s almost December and the countdown to Christmas and summer holidays is on. You’re booked through to the end of the year with Christmas stocktaking, parties, time with family and friends, getaways, and gift wrapping. With all that going on, who has time to remember to send out emails each week?

While we can’t give you more time in your day, we can help you make the most of your time with our email scheduling feature. This is especially helpful right before the holidays, the most wonderful and, sometimes, stressful time of the year.

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Why do I need to schedule email?

There’s busy and then there’s Christmas busy. And when you’re Christmas busy, you’re more likely to forget things like sending out your weekly email newsletter or announcing a Christmas flash sale. Square’s email functionality allows you to schedule your email so it can go out while you’re attending your Christmas parties, wrapping presents, and gushing over your mother-in-law’s “famous” holiday pavlova.

What are the industry best practices?

Industry best practices show that the best time to send email is midweek, mid to late morning. Most email is opened on Tuesday, but Thursday is a close second. Of course, the exact time of day also matters.

Emails sent at 10 a.m. are most likely to have the highest number of opens, with emails sent at 11 a.m. being the next best time. It’s interesting to note that people also check their email in high numbers around 8 p.m, most likely when they’re slowing down for the evening.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the idea of industry best practices, you can always start with a Complete Guide To Email Marketing and come back to this article when you’re ready.

So how do I know when to schedule my email?

The first place to start is with the data. Industry best practices (see above) can provide guidance on when you should schedule. If you’re sending a lot of emailsalready, you might also have an idea of which messages have the best open rate and when you usually send them.

You want to consider your audience, too. If you’re in Brisbane and most of your audience is in Perth, you’ll want to make sure you’re sending the email at the right time for them to open it, taking into account the time difference.

Consistency of your email schedule is key for your Christmas email strategy. Pick a day and stick to it. Your audience, like every audience, likes consistency. So if you’re sending your email out on Tuesdays at 11 a.m., make sure you stick to that day and time every week. That doesn’t mean your audience will always open your email on a Tuesday, but seeing consistent messages from your business at the same time can put you top of mind. (It also means they won’t be surprised by random email and unsubscribe.)

How do I know how my email is performing?

It’s easier than you may think to see how your email is performing. In your Square Dashboard, click the Marketing section. Then click Campaigns, which gives you a 30 Day Summary of how your email campaigns are performing.

You can review your email statistics by group, and within each group you’re able to see your open rate, clickthroughs, and how many people made a purchase as a result of your email. By looking at your data, you can make informed decisions on when to send your email during the holiday season and beyond.