International Coffee Day Is Right Around the Corner

Attention, coffee bar owners! Next Tuesday, September 29, is International Coffee Day. People all across the world will be celebrating their favourite hot beverage, and it’s the perfect time to put your business on the map. So put on your marketing cap and start planning ways to help grow your business.

Run a special promotion

Who doesn’t love a freebie? This is an opportunity to reward your loyal customers, but it’s also your chance to run an offer that is meaningful to your business. Consider a small discount or add-on promotion (for example, “Upgrade to the next size up free”) to encourage repeat visits that day, potentially doubling the number of coffees you sell to the same number of customers. Timing is important. You’ll only have one day, so consider promoting the offer in your store and through social media a few days in advance.

Market yourself on social media

We’re several days out and #InternationalCoffeeDay is already trending on Twitter. Social media will be abuzz with coffee talk this week, so make sure your business is part of the conversation. Get creative — consider posting a behind-the-scenes time-lapse video of your most talented barista at work or a photo series of your favourite regulars before and after their first cups of morning coffee. Images and videos are proven to have much higher engagement on social media, and they can be captured easily with your smartphone.

Throw in-store events

What helps pull a crowd? Another crowd. Creating activity inside your store will help attract more customers. Make your baristas the stars of the day by presenting a mini latte-art competition. Market the event via social media to create some word of mouth, and be sure to schedule any events outside of your traditional busy times so you don’t tick off your regulars. Use Square Dashboard to identify which times of day are your busiest, and which times might be best for an event.

Make this International Coffee Day one to remember. And don’t forget to take a little time to celebrate the business you’ve built!

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