Get the Most Out of Square: New Features and Tools We Launched in May

We’re constantly releasing new features and tools designed to help you start, run and grow your business. To help you get the most out of Square, here’s a quick rundown of what’s new.

New ways to get your invoices paid

Sometimes, your clients may prefer not to pay an invoice online, or they may let you know they’d like to settle their invoice immediately. Now, you can accept invoice payments in person with Square Reader, allowing you to speed up your cash flow and get paid faster. Square Invoices payments accepted in person with Square Reader are charged at 1.9% per tap, dip or swipe. Learn how to use this feature in the Support Centre.

Apply custom taxes in Point of Sale

With our new Custom Tax feature in Square Point of Sale, you can now create, edit and track custom taxes to ensure that you’re accurately managing and reporting taxable and nontaxable items in Square Dashboard. Read more about modifying your custom tax settings here.

New and improved features for Customer Directory

Organising and managing your customers’ data just got a whole lot simpler. New features in Customer Directory allow you to sort and view at a glance the customer details most critical to your business. New filters (such as reachable for those who have recorded an email — lapsed or regular users — as well as many you can create yourself) can also help you sort and organise your customers. You can then save those filtered views as custom smart groups to help keep track of your VIPs. Check it out here.

New tools for mobile restaurant ordering

If you’re a restaurant owner, streamlining the way your customers place orders can help you save time and increase efficiency. On average, 75 percent of phone orders take more than a minute of your employee’s time, and 30 percent of them take longer than three minutes. Allowing your customers to order online helps you reclaim some of those minutes. New integrating partners such as Mobi2Go and Boppl sync your customers’ orders directly with your Square POS. Learn more about the platforms on their respective websites.

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