Get the Most Out of Square: New Features and Tools We Launched in April

We’re constantly releasing new features and tools designed to help you start, run and grow your business. To help you get the most out of Square, here’s a quick rundown of what’s new.

Preview your invoices

When using Square Invoices you can now preview every invoice before sending it. This tool allows you to see exactly what your customers see when they receive your invoice. After you’ve created an invoice through the Square app or your Square Dashboard, just fill out the invoice form and select Preview. You can then make any last-minute updates before sending it on to your customer. Learn more about Square Invoices.

Preview Square Invoices

More tools for developers

We’ve launched a series of updates to our developer documentation site that make it easier to find, read and use our API and developer content. We’ve also made updates to the style and included support for a responsive layout, as well as a “like-dislike” widget. Read more about Build with Square.

Get help defining your business plan

Our new Business Plan series offers soup-to-nuts business tips on everything from cash flow to marketing. Here are the first four articles in the series. (The final four will be released later this month.)

Part One: Operations Management Tips to Help You Run a Business
Part Two: Cash Flow Statements and Analysis: Learn How Cash Flow Affects Your Business
Part Three: Using Competitor Analysis to Identify Opportunities and Threats
Part Four: What Is Guerrilla Marketing? Strategies and Tactics

More places to buy Square Reader

We’ve partnered with Australia Post, our newest stockist for Square Reader in Australia. Visit Australia Post’s website to get your Square Reader for chip cards and Square Reader for contactless and chip — they have [lots of other products for small businesses to check out while you’re there.

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