A Taste of Italy in Byron Bay: Frankie’s Gelato

Close your eyes and imagine that you have just stepped out of the ocean from an afternoon swim. You slip on your shoes and wander down sun-drenched streets in search of a little pick-me-up. You notice a red glow from a small space between two stores, upon investigation, you find blue terrazzo-covered benches with hidden tubs full of the creamiest gelato you could dream of. Wait, we did mention that we are in Byron Bay, not the Amalfi Coast, right?

Meet Frankie’s Gelato, the brainchild of Franco Giordano, Kim Stephen and James Sutherland, of Light Years Asian Bar and Diner. Removing all of the fluff, Frankie’s Gelato creates really good gelato in a fusion of Italian artisanship using Australian flavours and ingredients.


The Inspiration

Co-owner Franco Giordano spent several years in Italy, travelling and learning from the best makers in the country. Speaking about the opening, Franco said: “First and foremost, I love gelato. I dreamed of owning a business that represented my sentimentality for the Italy of old. Frankies was born out of the desire to bring one-of-a-kind gelato flavours to life, which could only be done with the rich and vibrant produce available to us here in Byron Bay.”


The Location

Less than 100m from Byron’s Main Beach, the space invites an Italian nostalgia, with the floor and bar featuring blue and white terrazzo, balanced with rustic hand-rendered walls. Franco pays homage to his Sicilian heritage with an array of decorative Moor Head vases, overflowing with seasonal flowers which evoke a coastal atmosphere combining old world and new.


The Gelato

Handmade and all-natural, Frankies Gelato is churned on site using the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients. The menu itself is 40% vegan, with highlight flavours including ‘Golden Milk’ made with house made almond butter, almond milk and turmeric and the incredibly refreshing sorbet combination of ‘Strawberry, Hibiscus Tea & Mint’. Dairy-based flavours include ‘Ricotta, Figs & Honey’, ‘Earl Grey Tea’ which tastes not too dissimilar to a Bubble Cup, and a decadent ‘Banoffee’ with caramelised toffee bananas and a butter biscuit crumble.

Served from silver lidded pozzetti tubs to keep the gelato at optimum temperature before being scooped, Frankies offers an experience reminiscent of days spent exploring the Italian coastline with a guarantee of no added colours, preservatives, additives or any other nasties.



Behind The Terrazzo Counter

“Square made sense for us, the Terminals not only look slick on the counter but allow us to operate the store efficiently. We use custom menu items and reporting to track how each unique flavour is performing - this helps us evolve our offering alongside what our customers are loving. It’s also very easy to train new staff members to use the Square hardware and we always get compliments from customers on how easy it is to use!”


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