5 Signs That It’s Time for a Break

Can you remember the last time you took a holiday? If not, maybe it’s time to take advantage of the upcoming holiday season. Fitting in a break can be a tough task when you’re a small business owner. But it’s also an important way to prevent burnout and exhaustion.

Here are five signs that it’s time to take a holiday.

You’re often in a bad mood

Have you been more moody than usual? That’s the first — and most obvious — sign that it might be time for a break. Getting easily aggravated in front of your team can create a tense work environment and put unnecessary stress on your employees. If you can hit the personal pause button, you’re likely to come back happier, healthier and better equipped to handle stress.

Your standards are dropping

If you’re making mistakes and missing events or appointments, it might be a sign that you’re suffering from burnout. If you can notice this while it’s happening, that also means you can stop yourself from making a costly mistake by taking a break. Doing so will be better for the business in the long run.

Your team is worried about you

Many small business owners spend more time with their employees than they do with their family, so it’s natural that these people are attuned to your personality and health. If your employees are continually asking, “Are you all right?” it’s probably becoming obvious that you need some rest and relaxation.

Small problems feel large

Do you find yourself flipping out over minor problems? That’s not a good sign, and it’s your brain’s way of telling you that it’s time to find some balance.

Your health is suffering

Persistent headaches, eye strain, colds, stomach bugs and digestive problems are all indicators that your body may be overworked. If you don’t take the time to recover, you could face serious health problems down the track (which could require even more time out of the workplace).

We understand that leaving your small business can feel impossible, but it’s crucial for your long-term success. Don’t know when to take a break? Square Dashboard can help you identify the slowest sales times so you can plan to be gone when you’re needed the least. (Take a deep dive and filter the data by day, week and month.) If you don’t feel comfortable signing off completely, the Square Dashboard app can help you keep an eye on how your business is performing while you’re lying on the beach.

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