New Cafe Point-of-Sale Features to Help You Speed Up Checkout

It’s good for your business when the line is out the door, but only if that line is moving quickly. Customers don’t like waiting in a queue for too long, and you could be deterring them from visiting your store in the future if they fear a long wait.

To keep the line (and your revenue) flowing, it’s crucial that your employees are well aware of the tools in your cafe point of sale that allow you to process transactions as quickly as possible.

Here are three tips for busting queues and speeding up checkout.

Enable fast checkout

The fastest solution is the simplest, and Square has you covered. The newest feature designed for your cafe point-of-sale enables you to skip the receipt screen in Square Point of Sale. We’re already seeing that businesses that enable this feature increase their checkout speeds by over 40 percent.

The skip receipt screen feature lets you bypass the receipt selection and the All Done screen during transactions, helping you reduce the time customers are waiting in the queue — which is immensely helpful during the rush. If your customers would still like a receipt sent to them, you can choose to send or print a receipt from the Activity menu.

Order a Square Reader

If you’re looking to be the fastest-moving and most forward-thinking business on the block, it makes sense to order a Square Reader to keep on hand for those busy periods. When it gets busy and the queue starts building, simply plug the reader into your device, log in to your Square account and take orders from people as you move down the line. If you’re running a tablet display system like Fresh KDS, your orders pop up on the display and you can keep serving (and selling!).

Best of all, with a mobile, queue-busting point of sale, you’re not sacrificing any of those important features you may be used to using with a traditional countertop point-of-sale system; you can still send your customers a digital receipt via email or SMS, and you’re still recording all of that valuable sales data for your business reporting.

Keep things organised

Making sure that your item library and modifiers are set up seamlessly is the finishing touch that helps you cope with complicated orders that slow down the line. Keep your item library organised with your most popular (and most frequently ordered) items on page one, with clear pictures and descriptions that allow employees to find and enter items fast.

It’s easy to do this on Square Point of Sale. Quickly and painlessly set up items directly from your smartphone or tablet, take pictures with the device camera to add to the item, and add modifiers so you can quickly order a weak flat white with soy milk, for example.

Your system should help your customers get in and out in a hurry and the free Square Point of Sale app gives you everything you need to sell more products to more people faster than ever before.

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