4 New Business-Boosting Apps You Can Use with Square

Square App Marketplace is full of tools that you can integrate seamlessly with your Square account. We work with an amazing group of partners to help bring you additional features that give you time back by streamlining your business operations. For accounting, employee operations, inventory and more, now is the perfect time to log in to your Square Dashboard and explore.

Here are four new or recently updated apps that you can start using today:


Do you want to manage your inventory using a tool designed especially for small businesses? Look no further than DEAR. It’s an advanced, cloud-based inventory and order management application that offers a complete back-end management solution. Features include purchasing, sales, warehouse management, light manufacturing and more. Use DEAR with Square Point of Sale to simplify and streamline your daily operations.


Need help leading your team to success? Deputy, the newest addition to Square App Marketplace, allows you to streamline employee management, track time and hours worked, manage tasks, communicate with your employees and more. Data lovers can also integrate Square sales data with live weather tracking to identify peaks and troughs in daily sales numbers, which will help you optimise scheduling and save money (or capture more sales!). To help you get acquainted with its features, Deputy is also offering a free 90-day trial for all Square sellers.

Intuit QuickBooks Online

Sync your Square sales data with Intuit QuickBooks Online to save time, reduce manual data entry and give you more time to focus on your business. New to Square App Marketplace, the Sync with Square app from Quickbooks Online is perfect for all types of small businesses that want a simpler way to manage their general ledger. You can also track your Square transfers, payments, refunds and fees as they’re matched against your bank statement, so you always know when you’ve been paid. As an added bonus, you can import up to 18 months of historical Square transactions—making it a perfect solution for businesses already using Square.


Xero, our local, cloud-based accounting app, has been updated to ensure that every card payment processed with Square Reader is automatically recorded into Xero’s general ledger. Link your Square account with Xero in minutes, and once they’re connected you’ll see each day’s transactions get automatically imported, summarised and populated to the appropriate account. Not only are you saving precious time and increasing accuracy by cutting out manual data entry, but you can also access Xero’s cloud accounting software on your mobile device, meaning you’re always on top of the numbers, no matter where you are.

It’s easy to experiment with these apps yourself. Just log in to your Square Dashboard, visit the Apps section and find out which ones might be right for you.

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