Accept Tap-and-Go Payments With the New Square Contactless and Chip Reader

We promised to bring innovation to Australian businesses, and we’ve done it. Today, we’re excited to announce our most powerful reader yet — the new Square contactless and chip reader. It allows your customers to securely tap their card or Apple Pay or Android Pay-enabled phone, for super-fast payment.

The new reader connects wirelessly to your mobile device using the latest Bluetooth LE (BLE) technology, and pairs seamlessly with Square’s free point-of-sale app. It’s sophisticated, small and very powerful. A number of our favourite businesses in Australia — including Mark and the team at Everyday Coffee— are already loving it. Get yours here.

Made for every type of payment

Australians love contactless payments — in fact, we’re one of the biggest markets in the world for tap-and-go with almost 60% of the population having used it. But if your customer doesn’t want to tap, they can still insert their card in the chip slot.

Made for every business type

A recent study found that 82% of payments in the nation are made without cash. As that number continues to rise, the ability for every business to accept cards and mobile wallets is critical to staying ahead of the curve. The new Square contactless and chip reader is the smallest on the market. If you’re serving customers in a busy queue or taking payments from the job site, it will allow your customers to check out quickly and securely.

Accept Tap-and-Go Payments With the New Square Contactless and Chip Reader

The battery is made to last for a full day of transactions. If you want to keep it secure and charged, in a dedicated place on your counter, check out our new Dock for Square Reader. The design will complement even the most beautiful of spaces.

Made for everyone

We’re committed to bringing affordable and powerful point-of-sale and payment technology to Australian businesses of every size. That’s why our new reader retails for just $59, making it the most affordable contactless and chip card reader available anywhere in Australia. You can buy it online (with free shipping), and you’ll soon be able to find it in some of Australia’s well-known retailers.

Order your Square contactless and chip reader.

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