3 Ways to Make Your Online Retail Store a Success

Considering taking your offline retail business online? Starting an online store and making your mark in the world of e-commerce is easier with the right guide. Our friends at Weebly have shared 3 simple ways to make your online retail store a success, setting you up with great tips to run and grow your online business. Connect your Square account to Weebly in the Square App Marketplace.

Online business is booming in virtually every market around the world. In Australia, e-commerce rose 13.5% to pass $20 billion during the fiscal year ending in June 2016. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that business? Now, Weebly and Square are partnering to make it easier for you to claim your share.

It’s never been easier to get started. Develop a solid retail concept, add some photos and product descriptions, connect your Square account with your Weebly site and within no time you’ll have a professional store for selling goods and services online. The hard part is getting shoppers’ attention at their moment of maximum interest, then engaging them enough so they’ll want to return and buy more.

Here are three ways to do that:

1. Make the buying process dead simple.

Consumers visit the local shopping centre when they want to browse. When they know what they want, they search online and then expect to get what they want—fast—from an online store like yours. Make the buy buttons large and colorful at your site and then use Weebly’s integration with Square to process payments quickly.

2. Connect the dots to build relationships.

Offer log-in access to customers and then track their payment preferences using Square. That way, you’ll know when a customer who visits and buys from your brick-and-mortar store is online looking for more from you—and you’ll be able to offer them on-the-spot deals to enhance their order. Even better: ask if they’d like to receive your newsletter and then embed relevant offers they can take advantage of on the spot, thanks to your Square integration.

3. Use sales data to perfect your presentation.

The Square dashboard is chock full of data about all your sales, both online and offline. Use that information to find your best selling products and others that could use a flash sale. Weebly’s fully-customisable e-commerce features allow for filtering your products in a variety of different ways. Tinker and adjust until sales respond and keep tuning as your inventory and customer base grows.

Like anything else, building a profitable online store takes time and effort, but it’s easier when you use Weebly and Square together. Get your site today. With these tips, you’ll be up and selling before you know it.

This post was brought to you by Adam Tanguay, SEO and Content Marketer at Weebly. Follow Weebly on Twitter at @weebly. Learn more about how you make your online retail store a success with Weebly here.

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