3 Ways Online Ordering Can Increase Your Restaurant’s Sales

Are you a restaurant owner who’s ready to boost sales by taking online and mobile orders? Customising your ordering system has never been easier! Below, our friends at Mobi2Go (whose platform integrates seamlessly with Square Point of Sale) share their thoughts about how online ordering can increase your sales.

Online ordering is doing wonders for restaurants and other hospitality businesses around the world. Many Australian restaurants that are using the technology have already experienced a boost in their average order sizes, increased loyalty and more efficient takeaway orders.

In fact, the sales through order-ahead mobile apps are projected to be $38 billion by 2020. Are you ready for a piece of that pie?

Mobi2Go and Square have partnered to make it easy for you to get started. When you connect Square with the Mobi2Go platform, your customers’ orders are automatically sent to your Square POS and printed using your compatible receipt printer. It’s a simple and effective integration that helps you increase efficiency, save time and improve accuracy.

Here are three reasons why adding online ordering can help increase your restaurant’s business.

1. You can increase your average order size

Restaurants that take online orders are more likely to see an increase in their average order size. Without the pressure of long lines, customers can explore upsells and customize their order with add-on items — like extra toppings on their favourite pizza. In fact, a recent survey showed that pizza shops that offer online ordering saw a 15- to 20-percent increase in the average ticket size.

In 2014, for instance, Taco Bell launched a mobile ordering app that customises each customer’s experience. Since then, the quick-service chain has seen a 30-percent increase in revenue.

2. Online ordering increases loyalty

With more options than ever before, customers need more incentives to stay loyal to their favourite restaurants. In fact, 68 percent of millennials say they wouldn’t be loyalty to a brand that didn’t offer a good loyalty program. Digital ordering offers your customers an incentive to return over and over again.

Increasing loyalty by just two percent can have the same effect on profits as cutting costs by 10 percent. Additionally, loyal customers have been found to buy 90 percent more often and spend 60 percent more per transaction, and are five times more likely to return to your business.

3. Online ordering boosts efficiency

Restaurant staff and customers benefit from increased efficiency when restaurants take digital orders. Customers appreciate getting to avoid the clogged phone lines and loud background noise, and fewer phone calls free up your staff to devote more time to the customers in the restaurant.

On average, 75 percent of phone orders take more than a minute, and 30 percent take longer than three minutes. Imagine how much time your hospitality business could save by allowing customers to order online.

Mobi2Go and Square are making it easier than ever to start taking online and mobile orders. Get started today with a free 30-day trial.

This post was brought to you by Sarah Knapp, Marketing Manager at Mobi2Go. Learn more about how you can start accepting online and mobile orders with Mobi2Go here and follow Mobi2Go on Facebook.

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