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2023 public & bank holidays

Banks are closed on some public holidays in Australia, which means standard transfers will take longer to hit your bank account. Keep this list handy to help you plan your transfers and avoid delays.

Bank holiday Observation date Transfer dates Arrival date
New Years Day
1 Jan 2023
2 Jan 31 Dec-2 Jan Tues 3 Jan
Australia Day
26 Jan 2023
26 Jan 25-26 Jan Fri 27 Jan
Easter Long Weekend
7-10 April 2023
7-10 Apr 6-10 April Tues 11 April
Christmas & Boxing Day
25-26 Dec 2023
25-26 Dec 24-26 Dec Wed 27 Dec

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Instantly transfer your balance to a linked bank account for a small fee.

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  • What are public holidays?

    In Australia, there are a number of definitions of holidays:

    • Public holidays refer to the days an individual living in any state or territory of Australia gets off work. These will be a mix of state and federal holidays.
    • State holidays are additional days observed in some states. They are not but federal holidays.
    • Federal holidays are observed in all states across Australia.
    • Bank holidays are synonymous with federal holidays. Banks are closed and do not process standard transfers on these holidays.
  • How do public holidays impact businesses?

    Bank holidays can have an impact on businesses, disrupting cash flow, changing working hours, and changing staff rosters. Cash flow issues can be especially concerning because bank transfers can be delayed. Businesses that use 24/7 Instant Transfer services can get faster access to cash flow when Australian banks are closed. Square instant transfers allow business owners to get their money as soon as they make a sale, for a 1.5% fee – even on public and bank holidays.

  • What are best practices for small businesses during public holidays?

    To minimise disruptions during bank holidays, we recommend the following tips and strategies:

    • Be prepared for increased demand.
    • Create best practices for scheduling and staff coverage during bank holidays.
    • Keep in mind special considerations for businesses that operate 24/7, like retail.
    • Consider regional holidays for Australia.
    • Make sure you have access to adequate cash flow to pay for planned and unplanned expenses.
    • Consider the impact of bank holidays on e-commerce businesses.
    • Inform customers and employees about public holiday closures.
  • How do public holidays impact bank transfers?

    Standard bank transfers (like your daily Square balance transfers) will pause on bank holidays and arrive in your bank account the next day. If you’d like your money sooner, you can use instant transfers to cash out your Square balance in minutes.

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* Instant transfers require a linked, eligible bank account and cost a fee per transfer. Funds are subject to your bank’s availability schedule. Up to $5,000 AUD per day. The minimum you can transfer is $5. Terms of Service apply.