Square Online Checkout

Sell online easily without a website.

Create your checkout link in just 3 steps.

Square Online Checkout

No contracts, monthly fees or start-up costs. You only pay 2.2% per transaction.

Create a payment link

Give whatever you’re selling a name and price and you can create a link to sell it online. No html code or website needed.

It’s so simple.

Square Online Checkout lets you create a pay link in just a few steps – give it a name, give it a price and save. Now it’s ready to share.

Customers click through and get taken to a simple checkout screen where they only need to enter three things – name, email and payment info – so transactions are fast, easy and friction-free.

Accept payments

Name your link and set a price. Take payment for whatever you want – goods, services, etc.

Sell an item

Create a link for an item in your existing Square library. Collect shipping data.

Share it everywhere

Accept secure payments from multiple online channels and customers. Easy online sharing lets you reach lots of potential customers with just a buy button or a single link.

Flexible formats fit any channel.

Square Online Checkout helps you sell or accept payment almost anywhere online using easy-to-create links, buy buttons, or QR codes. You can even customize the button color to match your brand and edit the text to reflect a specific action like, “Buy Now” or “Donate”. Pick the format that works best for your online sales channel and then share it however you like.

Get paid

Your customers, donors, or patrons don’t need an account or special app to make a payment—they just go straight to checkout with no hassles.

  • Accept major credit and debit cards
  • No monthly fees
  • No app needed

End-to-end ease.

From a simple link or button, to a straightforward checkout experience, to getting your funds, Square Online Checkout makes every step easy. And with Square, all transactions are private and secure.

If you need a full eCommerce website for your business, explore Square Online.