Credit Card/Debit Card Authorisation Form

You have provided credit card or debit card details as part of an application to pay for a purchase of goods through installment payments. You authorise Square AU Pty Ltd (“Square”) to automatically charge or debit that card with the monthly recurring payments shown in your Instalment Sale agreement and/or shown to you during your online purchase (“Monthly Payments”). You represent that you are an authorised signatory of the card account and authorise Square to automatically charge the card for the Monthly Payments.

You understand that if any payment attempts are unsuccessful, subsequent charges or debits may include: (i) the amount of any missed Monthly Payment(s), (ii) the amount of any other outstanding Monthly Payment(s), and/or (iii) reasonable costs we incur to collect what you owe (which includes legal fees and disbursements and collection agency fees and costs)

You can request to cancel this authorisation on-file by providing a written request via email to 7 days prior to the effective date of the cancellation.

If you have a valid card authorisation in force, we will attempt to debit your monthly payments in respect of the Instalment Sale first from the card and, if that debit is unsuccessful, then from your bank account as per the Instalment Sale Agreement and the DDR.