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All the resources entrepreneurs need to succeed whether starting a new business, growing an existing one and everything in between.

All the resources entrepreneurs need to succeed whether starting a new business, growing an existing one and everything in between.

Each business is as individual as the people behind it. However, most successful businesses follow a similar path, from research and planning to maintenance and growth. Our range of guides talk you through each step you need to take.

Access all the information you need to decide whether or not your favourite hobby, part-time side hustle or idea you had in the shower really does have the makings of a sustainable business.

From there, learn the practical steps you need to take to plan, launch, manage and grow your business. Our series of guides, templates and tools will help you along the journey of turning your bright idea into long-term business success.

Help at each stage

1. Research and plan your business

2. Launch your business

3. Manage your business

4. Grow your business

All the help you need to navigate the route to business success

Square is a whole lot more than just a fast, simple and affordable way to take payments. With Square, entrepreneurs have access to a whole suite of tools for all kinds of business needs such as scheduling software, gift cards, payment hardware, invoicing and much more.

Common FAQs

  • What is a market analysis?

    A market analysis is an in-depth study of a specific market sector. It aims to determine whether or not there is demand for a product or service. The three key elements of an effective market analysis are: analysis of the customer base, competitor analysis and analysis of the market’s driving forces.

  • Should I start a bricks-and-mortar store or an online one?

    Opening an online store is generally the easier starting point, if only because it’s usually much more affordable than getting started in a physical location. These days, you don’t need any advanced technical skills to run an online store. You do, however, need business skills, and the Business Launchpad guides help with that.

    If you do want to open a real-world store, then there are certainly plenty of opportunities. But it’s still advisable to have some sort of online presence. Even if you don’t want to sell online, having a website can really help to grow your brand.

  • How much do I need to know about finance?

    As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to handle the nuts and bolts of financial management yourself. You just need to ensure that they are handled by somebody. If you invest in proper bookkeeping software, it takes care of everyday record-keeping for you. Just connect it to your payment system and your bank accounts, and the software records all incoming and outgoing payments. Square integrates seamlessly with many accounting tools including Xero and MYOB.

    If you’re comfortable with accounting, you can query the data from your bookkeeping system for insights into your business. If you’re not, then hire an accountant to analyse it for you and explain what it means in practice.

  • How do I choose the right location for my business?

    All businesses have a real-world physical location. Even online businesses have staff, infrastructure and inventory. Many businesses need or at least want their business location to be close to their customer base. Learn about your options and how to choose the right one for your business.

  • How can I successfully launch my business?

    Successfully launching a new business is all about preparation. Much of this is administration. For example, you may need to register for GST, register a business name, open a bank account and even obtain business licences. You also need to have solid operational processes in place and a robust marketing strategy.

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