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Elevation Wheel Company

With 10+ years experience working with some of the most demanding professional riders, we know what it takes to get your bike running as smooth as possible. Thanks! Chris
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Our Services

Standard Tune Up
This is the way to go if you are looking to make sure your bike is good to go for the season or just freshen it up a bit after some good use. We will clean the bike, true the wheels, adjust the bearings in your hubs and headset along with adjusting your gears and brakes and making sure everything is still torqued properly. **Includes labor for minor component replacements
Quick Tune
This is a great option if your bike is relatively new or functioning well and you just want to double check it is ready to ride. With this tune you get your gears and brakes adjusted, your chain lubed along with making sure everything is tightened properly.
Misc Repairs
Just need a specific part fixed but not a full tune up? This includes everything from gear adjustments to brake bleeds.
Let us help you spec your new bike, even if you do not plan to buy the parts from us. We will use our years of experience to help you select the absolutely perfect build for your riding style and preference. Working with us can help alleviate headaches from incompatible parts, maximizing performance per dollar spent on your build, inspecting potential used bikes before you purchase them and much more. While we charge for this service, if you buy the parts from us, we will apply any charge from the consultation to your build. We can also use our experience to help teach you numerous aspects of bike repair, including wheel building. I am happy to offer this to both riders looking to build their own personal wheels or even shops who would like to expand their employees knowledge on the art of wheel building.

Our Staff

Chris Murray
I have worked in the bike industry for 10+ years covering nearly every type of bike and racing out there. While my specialty is in custom wheel building, I can fix most everything that may pop up on a bike and have even worked as mechanic for team camps.