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Our Services

FREE Initial Consultation
Set up your free 15-minute initial consultation here! Ask questions + let's connect. Mai•eu•tic (may-YOU-tick) to the beat of your own drum!
Limited Time Offer - Readings
To celebrate my 33rd birthday! 1/2 Hour Readings using my self-published Oracle Deck, I Am Becoming. Plus! I will mail you one randomly chosen 4x6 postcard print of some original artwork!
1. Astrology - Natal Chart Reading
In order to generate your natal chart, I will need the following items: 1) Full Name; 2) Date of Birth - including the year; 3) Time of Birth; 4) Place of Birth. If you do not have your exact time of birth, I will have to rectify your chart based on some initial questions. Please give the information listed when you schedule your appointment!
2. Astrology - Other Readings
Once I've read your natal chart, there are a number of other readings I offer. If you're looking for insight into the Now, a yearly birthday forecast, Saturn stuff (late 20s, early 30s or late 50s, early 60s), or something else because life is weird, book your time with me here! All I need is your current location to adjust your natal chart.
3. Astrology - Relationship Reading
Otherwise known as a synastry reading, this charting offers tools + guidance for navigating relationships of all kinds. It is generally booked for romantic relationships, but it can be utilized for familial relationships, friendships, and more - as long as all parties have consented to their individual natal chart readings first! No exceptions.
4. Mentoring - Astrology
Astrology is about experience + experience gifts us with memories. To better integrate what can be a difficult subject to study, various mediums are offered to the individual learning astrology: music, painting, writing, drawing, and even games! Prompts are emailed + sessions are for discussion and processing.
Oracle + Tarot Readings
In these readings, and will most other connections, guidance is received through clairvoyant images, clairaudient sound + music or message, symbols, frequencies, and more. Questions are welcomed, but not required.
D r e a m w o r k
I will work with you + your dreams in a unique way. Using the Astrology of your Moon, we can find patterns embedded in your dreams that are asking for your attention in waking life. My goal in these sessions is to empower you to use your dreams to re-dream your waking life. The cycle turns in on itself and your dreams themselves begin to transform with you!
Monthly Mandala
Your chance to connect with me one-on-one for any of the months that you choose to receive a monthly mandala prompt! My Master's degree educational experience essentially enhanced + added new tools for me to "see" more through creative expression. These are add-on sessions to discuss details + aid in further processing for each mandala moment.

Our Staff

Marlena McGuigan
Marlena McGuigan, M.A., is an astrologer, artist, mentor and intuitive guide. 'Maieutic' holds the philosophy for her work: to bear witness to, and to act as a guide for those ready to birth what is already in their own power and being to create.