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We tune-up, punch-up and overhaul your photos and dating profile! Other appointment times may be available, please contact us to inquire about weekends.

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Our Services

Basic Photo Curation (email)
Via email, we'll pick out, crop and touch-up a concise, attractive variety of your pictures. The more pictures you send us, the better the curation. If you don't have any pics, we'll give you fun homework so you can get us what you need.
Curation & Opinions (email)
Via email, you'll get Rachael's expert attention from the Basic Photo Curation, plus Sex Nerd Sandra will closely read your existing dating profile, suggest grammar changes, give you compassionate feedback and concrete, easy-to-implement ways to punch-up your profile! BONUS: After you're done posting your profile 2.0, you can send us a link to it so we can double check your work and give you a thumbs up.
Tune-Up (Skype)
Via Skype, we overhaul your online profile in 1 hour. You get 3 of your photos touched up, in-depth coaching on your best angles and phrases, plus a copy edit of up to 2 dating profiles focusing on flow, readability and rhythm. You're welcome to record the session so you can revisit the focused analysis and feedback we provide for your most eye-catching, intriguing, unique self.
Punch-Up (Los Angeles, CA)
Look effortlessly eye-catching. You come to us. In 3 hours, we lavish you with our expertise. Rachael photoshoots you so hard while Sandra makes you laugh and learns all she can about your brand of hotness. Sandra and Rachael then give you their Level 1 attention PLUS Sandra punches up your dating profile - brightening & sharpening as she goes - while Rachael touches up your fresh new variety of pics. You walk away with a 5-7 fantastic images, a brand-spankin' new dating profile and a smile on your face.

Our Staff

Sandra & Rachael: The Punch Up Girls
This photographer and sexpert agree. It's not you, it's your profile. With over 20 years of combined professional experience, let us tune-up, punch-up and overhaul your dating profile presence.