Golden Moments Readings By Londen

Golden Moments Readings by Londen Londen is a gifted Psychic/Medium intuitive. Born with her gifts, she has been Reading professionally for the past 3 years. Through the many avenues of experience, past live's, teachings,dreams and a variety of other knowledge instilling practices, Londen has continued to refine and work with her gifts in order to help bring understanding and compassion to those journeying around her. With empathy and warmth she collaborates with the vast universe,spirit guides,and passed on loved one's to help others navigate their life's journey. Delivering messages, advice,comfort and encouragement from an array of help available for those who seek it. She is here to help and is passionate in helping you receive and embrace all of your Golden Moments.
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
3:30 PM - 7:30 PM
3:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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Our Services

30 minute reading
An initial session that Londen will use to connect with her clients and answer/guide them through the current road on their path. This is a great session to help clients determine if Londen is the right person for them to work with along their journey.
1 hour Reading
An hour reading where Londen will attempt to answer questions regarding where you currently are residing on your path and offer open discussion with the universe and your guides on how you can navigate through this period
30 minute Mediumship reading
On your behalf, Londen will attempt to carefully peek through the veil and gently communicate your messages for you. Within a relaxing/comfortable environment Londen will attempt to answer any questions and deliver any messages that the client has for the deceased and vice versa. Londen does not offer channeling services and this is not held as a channeling session.
1 hour Mediumship Reading
During this time Londen will attempt to communicate on your behalf any messages and guidance that is available to you from those in your life who have passed on. With great care Londen will ask your loved one if they would like to visit with you as she facilitates with warmth and respect the information needed.

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