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New Patient Holistic Consult | 1.5 hrs
NEW PATIENTS ONLY: Please specify if you would prefer a Virtual appointment via Phone, FaceTime or Skype. Dr. Skip will evaluate your entire medical history and current wellness goals in order to tailor a holistic wellness program to meet your specific needs and goals. New Patients Welcome: Please visit the following for new patient intake instructions and forms that are required prior to your first visit:
Existing Patient Follow-up / Lab Results Review | 1 hr
EXISTING PATIENTS ONLY: Appointments are typically Virtual via Phone, FaceTime or Skype | In person available upon request - please request in the notes. | Lab Results to be reviewed, functional medicine evaluations and protocols.
Existing Patient Quick Follow-up | Virtual | 15 min
EXISTING PATIENTS ONLY: Virtual appointment via Phone, FaceTime or Skype. To be used when you have some questions on your protocol or have a quick health question.
(in)Fertility/Pelvic Pain Session | In-Person | 1 hr
EXISTING PATIENTS ONLY. Shared Journey (in)Fertility or Pelvic Pain Program Participants only. (6)-Sessions allotted.
Oxidative Therapy Session | In-Person | 30m
EXISTING PATIENTS ONLY: This therapy session may include a combination of EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy), Ozone Therapy and/or Ultraviolet (UV) Sub-lingual Therapy.
Add-on at-Home Concierge Fee
Please select your new or follow-up appointment and use this service as an add-on if you would you like an at home visit.
Add-on Nebulizer Treatment | In-Person | 1 hr

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