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Cryo Recovery Lab LLC

Cryo Recovery Lab primarily focuses on the emerging market of cryotherapy and innovative healing services from around the globe. Our therapies are effective for athletic recovery, reduction of chronic pain, inflammation, anti-aging and an overall enhancement of health and wellness. Our commitment is connecting our community to products and services that elevate health and overall well-being.
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Our Services

The Combo- Compression/Cryo/Vibration Therapy
Cryotherapy/ Compression Therapy/ Vibration Therapy
Whole Body Cryotherapy
3-minute Cryotherapy-exposes the body to below freezing temperatures to help the body naturally heal itself. Immediately reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain in joints and muscles.
First Time Client- Cryotherapy
Local Cryotherapy
Used for accelerated healing of specific areas of the body. The local cryo produces a beam of nitrogen gas to rapidly cool the area, causing a fast decrease in swelling, pain, and inflammation. The procedure is effective in acute and chronic conditions.
Compression Therapy- Legs/Arms
NormaTec boots are a compression garment which uses the pulsing compressing action that mimics the muscle pump of the legs, greatly enhancing the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs. This is helpful after an intensive workout, if your trying to remove lymphatic waste or odema from the legs or need to increase your circulation.
Vibration Therapy
Soft Tissue Conditioning- THERAGUN
Electrical Muscle Stimulation/ Compex
Compex electrical muscle stimulation will accelerate your fitness results whether you are warming up, working out or cooling down. Using the Compex is a non-invasive treatment method, often an effective alternative to medications for pain management

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