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Timelessaesthetics LLC.

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Using FDA medical products to help rejuvenate and look years younger while maintaining a very NATURAL look. Supervised by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Ben Lee, M.D. ~Anti-aging Products also available!
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Our Services

Complimentary Consultation
Holiday Special Dysport
Holiday Filler
Buy 1 get 2nd Ā½ off
Holiday Sculptra Package
Buy 3 get 4th one free
Holiday Microneedling Package
Buy 4 at $350 per session and get free post care kit.
Microneedling Package
Buy 4 and get post care products free! Value worth $120
A temporary protein that helps smooth wrinkles and can also give you a chemical brow-lift!
A protein that temporarily helps improve wrinkles and can also give a temporary brow-lift!
Sculptra Aesthetic
A treatment that stimulates your own collagen and helps replace lost volume. Lasts 2-3 + years! A Liquid Facelift effect!
Juvederm Ultra XC
A hyaluronic acid dermal filler that gives an instant result to help lift and replace lost lost volume.
Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
A "plumper" hyaluronic dermal filler that gives you more volume to treat facial folds and lost volume.
Voluma XC
A very dense dermal filler using Hyaluronic Acid FDA approved for the mid-face to help replace lost volume.
A hyaluronic Acid used to for lip enhancement or other areas to replace lost volume.
Restylane Lyft
A plumper hyaluronic acid dermal filler used to replace lost volume in the face. This is used for more moderate to severe volume loss.
A fantastic treatment to give your skin a GLOW and helps TIGHTEN, smooth wrinkles,acne scars, reduce pores! Requires several treatments for best results! Purchase packages to save $250!
Botox Touch up
A non-invasive, permanente way to get rid of fat under your chin. 600 per vial. Each treatment is a minimum of two vials.
Mid -Face Lift Package
A long term INSTANT Beautiful Result using a non-invasive technique with Fillers! 2 Syringes VOLUMA XC , BOTOX COSMETIC AND JUVEDERM ULTRA
Volbella XC
A light filler designed to treat lip lines and to give a minimal lip enhancement. Lasts up to one year.
Restylane Defyne
A dermal filler FDA approved for deeper folds around the mouth area. This one is FDA approved for a more Natural "feel."
Restylane Refyne
A dermal filler used for fine lines around the mouth. Perfect for those lip lines!
Non-invasive Lifting for face and neck
Non-invasive lift for body
A dermal filler perfect for folds and volume in the face!
Maskcara Make-up Makeover
Free makeover using this new and amazing 3-D makeup and will personalize colors just for you!
VI Medical Facial Peel
A Medical Grade peel that helps peel the stratum corneum (top layer of outer skin). Expect 5-7 days of i tense peeling . The result is beautiful!
New hyaluronic acid filler

Our Staff

Susie Reese RN,BSN
Recognized as one of the top injectors in Colorado. Known to be an artist with people's Faces providing balance and a natural look! I love helping others feel and look better about themselvesā¤