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Embodied Breath provides connected, mindfulness-based interventions to improve the resiliency and quality of life for women who are ready to LIVE more emboldened, more empowered, more themselves! Of course, as a career educator who drank the mindfulness Koolaid, I also consult with schools ready to make lasting and innovative changes in the areas of character and mindfulness. It's time for meaningful change, everywhere. Let's not waste any more time assuming we need to struggle with what we have been used to. We are capable and as we remember our true nature, we become more ourselves - the true self we were meant to be! There is real work to be done. I look forward to getting to know you and diving in.
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10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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Our Services

FREE - 30 Minute Discovery Call
It is important for us to connect on your needs and my services before we enter into a longterm working relationship. I work my longterm (3 month) programs only with people who are ready. Let's connect and mutually assess if we are a fit. If we begin with a one hour mindfulness experiential, I will deduct that price from the coaching package.
One hour somatic mindfulness - Resiliency Exploration
If you'd like to dive into a test run of my coaching services, you can schedule this session outright. It is a worthwhile experience for even one hour, to have me guide you into an awareness of your own body, what the body is ready to share with you, and, where you can find sources of strength within your own body. I work with women to create lasting results, and so I generally work in three month increments. If you should choose to work with me for three months after this first session, I will deduct the price of this session from your coaching package.
Mindful Parent Coaching - 4 weeks
If you would like to bring mindfulness to your home, I can help. I can bring the basics to you and your family. I work via Zoom, so we meet on the computer at a convenient time. And, I will provide responsive feedback tailored to your family's current difficulties. I recommend scheduling a free info session to discuss how I may be able to help based on your circumstances. This package is for FOUR 60 minute sessions.
1 on 1 Responsive Women's Coaching: 3 Month
I coach in mindful-awareness for lasting life change. I use techniques from a wide array of modalities for building resiliency - a requirement for making significant change. If you are looking for support during a transition, as a mother, as a professional woman, please reach out! Please see my website for more information, and schedule a free 30 minute consult if you are even considering this. I feel so confident that you will know after that if you are truly ready to say a big "YES" to YOU and your life. **Prices here are per week.
1 on 1 Responsive Couples Coaching: 3 Month
Mindful couples relationship repair using communication tools, emotional regulation, mindful awareness, forgiveness, and more. Must book a discovery call to ensure commitment of all parties. Prices per week. One on one coaching with ongoing support.

Our Staff

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