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Lyndsie at Siren Hair Studio

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Our Services

Classic Lash Extension Set
Natural “mascara” look in a variety of lengths. Classic lash extensions are a 1-1 ratio, therefore for every natural lash the client has, one single extension can be placed upon it.
Classic Lash Fill, 2 Weeks
Classic Lash Fill, 3 Weeks
Mini Classic Lash Fill
A normal fill process, but for those clients who need just a touch up before a vacation, event or other fun happening in life.
Volume Lash Extension Set
Dramatic and voluminous look. Volume lash extensions are applied with an advanced technique where the stylist applies multiple extensions in fans of 3-5 on the natural lashes. Great for those clients who love full & fluffy lashes!
Volume Lash Fill, 2 weeks
Volume Lash Fill, 3 weeks
Hybrid Lash Extension Set
The best of both worlds. This set combines Volume fans with single Classic lashes for a beautifully textured look sure to make your eyes pop. Great for clients who need a little extra fullness to their lashes
Hybrid Lash Fill, 2 Weeks
Hybrid Lash Fill, 3 Weeks
Mini Volume Lash Fill
Lash Lift
Lash Tinting
Brow Tinting
Brow Wax
Lip Wax
Arm Wax
Lash Extension Removal
Add on service to a facial or Dermaplane
Mini Hybrid Lash Fill

Our Staff

Lyndsie @ Siren Hair & Esthetic Studio
A working mom with three small kids, Lyndsie is highly skilled and loves to share her knowledge of esthetics with other industry professionals as a national educator for Ellee Bana. She prides herself in that knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism.