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Fast, high quality + professional body waxing and beauty services. We give you skin you'll want to show off!!
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Our Services

Waxing - Brow Shaping
Very detailed shaping + contouring of the eyebrows.
Tint + Shaping | Full Brow Service
Waxing - Lips
Waxing - Chin
** Excludes neck and cheeks
Waxing - Full Face
Including lip, cheeks/ sideburns and chin **Brow shaping EXCLUDED
Waxing - Cheeks/ Side Burns
Hair line to inner face area
Waxing - Underarms
Waxing - Men's Neck
Includes full neck area down to clavicle
Waxing - Neck
Under jawline $10 Continuing down to clavicle bone $15
Waxing - Full Arms
Waxing - Half Arms
Waxing - Half Legs
Lower $35 Upper/ Thigh $45
Waxing - Shoulders
Right to left shoulder extended over top of back near neck area
Waxing - Women's Chest
Including breasts and decolette/ collar bone area
Waxing - Men's Chest
Waxing - Back
Waxing - Stomach
Under breast down to hip area
Waxing - Bikini
Intimate area outside the line of the panty brief **Inner thigh region EXCLUDED
Waxing - Deep Bikini
2" inside bikini area down thru inner thigh area ** Back of thigh and labia area EXCLUDED
Waxing - Female Brazilian
Included front to back of women's intimate areas **Not including outer buttocks All Hard Wax $10 Surcharge
Waxing - Male Brazilian
Including front to back of men's intimate regions **Not including outer buttocks
Waxing - Buttocks
Outer area **Inner area constitutes a brazilian wax
Waxing - Full Legs
Waxing - Feet + Toes
Brow + Lip Wax
Enjoy 10% off! One of our most popular combinations!
UnderArms + Bikini
UnderArms + Deep Bikini
UnderArms + Female Brazilian
Bikini + Full Leg
Deep Bikini + Full Leg
Female Brazilian + Full Leg
UnderArms + Bikini + Full Leg
UnderArms + Deep Bikini + Full Legs
UnderArms + Female Brazilian + Full Legs
Shoulders + Back
Shoulders + Chest
Chest + Back
Shoulders + Chest + Back
Male Brazilian + Buttocks

Our Staff

Danielle Huey