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Paint enhancement and ceramic coating specialists. We no longer offer basic interior details or wax finishes.
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Our Services

6-12 7H month Ceramic Coating-- Entry Level Offer
PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! Ceramic Coatings are a Nano layer of SiO2 that cure to form an extremely hard shield & encapsulate your paint to provide protection against the environment & keep your vehicle clean with its hydrophobic properties. This service is a wash, paint prep, and coating install designed for newcomers to ceramics to see the benefit of coatings at a low entry level cost. *not discount code eligible. (Retail Price: $400)
9H 1-2 year Ceramic Coating
1-2 year 9H (toughest strength rating) ceramic coating installation to protect against light scratches, environmental damage, oxidation AND keep your vehicle CLEAN! Service is a wash, paint prep & decon, and coating installation. Perfect coating option for newcomers to Nano Protective Coatings that wish to have the highest hardness rating--9H! (Enter year/make/model & promo code in “appointment notes” upon check out)
2-3 year 9H Ceramic Coating (IGL Quartz)
(Sold Out) This coating is IGL Quartz- a pro only product. We are certified installers of IGL products. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! A ceramic coating pays for itself in value loss prevention & time saved from ease of maintenance. This coating is a 2-3 year that cures to 9H hardness & is topped with a ceramic sealer. Defeat the elements and look good! Service is a wash, paint prep & decon, & coating install. (Machine polishing is highly recommended) *Enter vehicle year/make/model & promo code in notes when checking out.
9H Ceramic Coating (3-5 year)
Next Level Coatings CC105 "Prosumer" grade coating. We are certified through Next Level Coatings and can offer a 3 year warranty on this coating. This coating is composite & is known to be very tough. Great for gravel road vehicles & show cars alike. Best Seller! For less than a price of a car wash subscription you can get a pro installed high end ceramic! Protect your investment! Service is for wash, paint prep & decon, & coating install. (Enter year/make/model & promo code in “appointment notes” upon check out) *Machine polishing highly recommended
System X 6 year or 8 year Coating
We proudly have earned certification through the only coating company registered with CarFax. We offer Pro, which is a 6 year WARRANTIED semi permanent ceramic & also, the only PERMANENT ceramic coating on the planet- Diamond SS. Both warrantied and registered with car fax. Prevent Value Loss!! (Enter year/make/model in appointment notes. Not promo code eligible. Machine polishing required for these coatings). Visit
Pearl Nano Base & Pro Dual Layer Coating System
Proud to announce we are Pearl Nano's newest Certified Installers! Highly regarded in the coating industry, Pearl has set the standard for years. We install their dual layer Base/Pro system that is rated at 3-5 years. (Enter year/make/model in appointment notes. Not promo code eligible. Machine polishing required for this coating system.)
Paint Enhancement
Paint Enhancement is a broad term that encompasses machine polishing scratches & swirls, along with other paint defects like buffer trails, holograms, and marring. I specialize in paint enhancement.--We offer everything from a "quick polish" to remove swirls and add extreme gloss all the way to a full paint correction to bring the vehicle to near perfection. This service is estimate only, every vehicle is different! Rid your vehicle of ugly swirling & protect it for years!! (Machine polishing is highly recommended for all coatings, and is required for certain coatings. Enter year/make/model in appointment notes. Please email pictures of the swirls. Contact me to learn how to take the best pictures)
Multi Stage Paint Correction
Paint correction process including compounding and polishing steps to remove 85+% of light scratches, swirls, and paint defects. *This service must be quoted Our 3 most favorite words: “Make it perfect.”
Motorcycle Detail
Full detail of motorcycle. Does not include coating option. Call to find the best coating option for your motorcycle! We coat: •painted surfaces •wheels •windscreen •chrome
Installation of Glassparency hydrophobic glass treatment. Comes with manufacturer 3 year warranty. Installation options include: •windshield only kit •total vehicle glass kit
Complete Interior Package (Ceramic Coating Included)
The most thorough interior detail & protection package around! Includes: Ceramic coating of 2 rows of seats, console, & carpets included. vac/air blast, scrub/shampoo carpets, upholstery & floor mats • clean & shine door panels, dash/console, all plastics • clean door jambs • deep clean (cracks, cup holders, air vents) • leather clean & condition • 2 hours of severe stain removal • light pet hair removal • steam sanitize all surfaces • streak free interior/exterior windows. *not discount eligible. Service should be estimated. (Enter year/make/model in appointment notes)
VIP Exterior Detail
Maintenance wash with superior quality products. Clay treatment. Hydrophobic booster application. Wheels & tires cleaned & shined. VIP only. I can do this service mobile upon request.
Schedule an estimate for any of our services. Primarily, this is for paint correction & ceramic coatings; as we well as very soiled interiors. *The cost of this estimate is applied towards your service.
Gift Certificate
Give the gift of a clean car!

Our Staff

Jake is the owner of Pro Auto Detailing and specializes in high end paint corrections and coatings. Jake is certified in the industry and actively continues education with some of the top detailers in the country.