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Bulletproof Manicure
Make it last forever (or at least a couple weeks) with this long-lasting manicure. Includes polish removal, our signature Colvon dry cuticle care, nail shaping, and your choice of gel polish or our strong (yet gentle) dip powder system.
Bulletproof Pedicure
This pedicure is ideal for our on-the-go bossbabes. With no dry time necessary, this long-lasting pedicure includes polish removal (no gel), cuticle clean-up, filing/shaping, cleanse using hot towel, callus remover, gel polish application cured using LED light, and lotion.
Makin' Moves Manicure
Polish Removal | Cuticle Clean-up | File/Shape | Polish
Makin' Moves Pedicure
The perfect pick-me-up for your toesies. This soakless sani-pedicure includes polish removal (no gel), cuticle clean-up, filing/shaping, foot cleanse with hot towel, polish application, and lotion.
Make it Pop Manicure
Let your nails do the talking with this must-have nail art manicure. Pick unlimited designs from our design menu to add to your bulletproof manicure for fabulous, long-lasting nails. Service includes polish removal (not gel), filing/shaping, cuticle clean-up, your choice of gel polish or our long-lasting dip powder system, and unlimited nail art designs.
Make it Pop Pedicure
Express yourself with this signature pedicure. The durability of our Bulletproof Pedicure with unlimited nail designs for your toes.
Mini-Boss Manicure
This kids manicure is perfect for your little boss in training. It includes polish removal, slight filing (if requested), and polish with a non-toxic nail polish.
Mini-Boss Pedicure
Treat your little boss in training to a relaxing soakless sani-pedi. This pedicure includes cleansing with a warm towel, filing/shaping (if requested), polish with a non-toxic polish, and lotion.
Clear-ly Fresh Manicure
The perfect manicure for clients that want a fresh manicure without any polish color. This manicure includes polish removal (no gel), fling/shaping, cuticle clean-up, and buff/shine.
Clear-ly Fresh Pedicure
Fresh feet without the polish. This pedicure includes polish removal (no gel), cuticle clean-up, filing/shaping, cleanse with hot towel, callus remover, buff/shine, and lotion.
ADD ON: Soak it Off
Gel Removal
ADD ON: Bling it Out
Add a special effect such as chrome or glitter to your bulletproof manicure or pedicure
ADD ON: Frenchie
Add a French or Ombre design to your manicure
ADD ON: Spice it Up
Add two accent designs to your manicure or pedicure
IBX Strengthening system helps to repair weak and fragile nails over time.
ADD-ON: Length
Add some length to your natural nails with nail extensions. (Service only available for Bulletproof Manicures and Make it Pop Manicures)

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