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The Rustic Raven Energy Medicine & Holistic Healing

At The Rustic Raven we utilize many therapeutic modalities to promote healing of the physical body, emotional form, and spiritual mind.
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Our Services

Illumination Therapy
This healing session works on personal core issues to relieve negative emotions, ease the mind, aid in the body's natural healing processes, and expel unwanted energy. Shamanic Illumination holds Sacred Space to allow you the freedom to rewrite the old painful stories that no longer serve you and transform them into beautiful and empowering tales of liberation.
Ancestral Healing
As we work on our core issues through Illumination and self-awareness we often come to a place where we see the connections between our own negative stories and the disturbances of our direct ancestors. During ancestral healing we work to clear and heal the genetic ties of our grandparents struggles and our parents pain while connecting with them in a way that inspires compassion and understanding. More importantly, as our vision becomes clear, we are able to see the gifts that our ancestors have given to us and incorporate their wisdom and blessings into our present lives.
Guided Meditation
A scripted mind journey of self-discovery, self-awakening, and awareness. Perfect for clients with anxiety or who are in search of a deeper connection to the self and Spirit.
Holistic Healing Session
A combination of full body Reiki and select healing modalities including, but not limited to, crystal healing, color therapy, sound therapy, guided meditation, smudging, aroma therapy, and spiritual guidance.
Animal Spirit Medicine
*ONLINE ONLY* When we begin to spiritually heal we come to realize and appreciate our connection to all living beings and the wisdom they have to share. Every plant, animal, and element has guidance to give and medicine to help us along our earthly journey. Whether you are struggling with a specific issue or just need a little boost, The Rustic Raven healers will call upon the help of your guides, along with their own, to send you the spirit medicine needed to bring about the greatest good for all.
Oracle/Spirit Reading
*ONLINE ONLY* Send in your picture, name, age, and any details you feel are relevant (such as important numbers, favorite colors, and passionate interests). We will consult the oracle and spirit deck on your behalf and relay the messages meant for your guidance.
Soul Flight & Native Healing
A Shamanic Illumination healing and Soul Retrieval, extracting crystallized energies and entities, Ancestral Healing, Destiny Retrieval, Death Rites.
Carnation Cleanse
Our homes can sometimes fill will dense energy that doesn't respond to ordinary saging or crystal clearing. In these instances a Carnation Cleanse can help to scrub the old, dark, heavy energy and replace it with a light and calm feeling that comforts the members of your family and restores peace. Pricing includes travel up to 20 miles, 2 dozen carnations, supplies used, and the clearing of all rooms and levels. Longer drive times and homes over 2100 sq. ft may incur extra fees.
Reiki Healing
Full body (front & back) Reiki energy healing and pendulum dowsing. Reiki is a touch therapy known to restore balance and aid in the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of its recipients.
Crystal Healing
Crystals and healing stones are placed on and around the body at certain energy points to draw out negative energy, ease emotional tension, and protect against disease.
Ritual Smoke Cleansing
Spiritual smudging with a special blend of white sage, Lobelia inflata, cedar leaves, sweetgrass, Palo Santo, and sacred prayers.
Raindrop Therapy
A combination of essential oil therapy, massage, and feathering provide structural and electrical balance while flushing out toxins and killing dormant viruses and bacteria throughout the spine and immune system. The Raindrop method brings relief to chronic pain sufferers using essential oils that have been tested to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties to bring the body's systems into alignment.
Crystal Cleansing
If you have your own healing crystals, palm stones, or chakra stones in your home they need to be cleansed periodically. Let The Rustic Raven do it for you! Our healers will cleanse, charge, and prayerfully activate your stones appropriately for their use. The Rustic Raven cleanses stones in Peruvian Agua de Florida- Flower Water. If you would like them cleansed by moonlight, salt, or any other means please let us know in advance.
Chakra Balancing
Pendulum dowsing and energy chelation integrated with color and sound therapy to restore balance to the power centers of the body.
Dream Interpretation
*ONLINE ONLY* Send in a detailed description of your troubling dream and we will send back a spiritually guided help reference of what your subconscious could be trying to tell you.
Koda Play Therapy
Kids love Reiki too! Bring your little one in to learn calming therapies and the power of love from within. (Ages 0-13)
Buddy Session
Give the gift of Reiki healing to your furry, winged, or scaled friends. Their unwavering affection is deserving of our care and attention.
Papoose Energy Cradling
Newborn and infant Reiki session utilizing the touch of parents and loved ones to instill unconditional love and healthy wishes from the beginning of life.
Essential oil therapy coupled with a relaxing hand and foot massage is used to treat specific internal organs through pressure points. Reflexology is known to improve circulation, reduce stress, restore balance, and aid in the fight against depression.

Our Staff

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