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Able Testing is an Authorized Drivers License Testing Company for the State of MI, Secretary of State. You can now book your Auto or Cycle Test online. All CDL Tests must be scheduled by calling our main office at 734-480-2000
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Our Services

Auto/Car Test $50 Cash Only
The Auto/Car test takes approximately 40 minutes to an hour. You will do a Basic Skills Test in our parking lot, and then an on road driving skills test. Please make sure you have a current NOT EXPIRED vehicle registration and proof of insurance with you. Applicants over 18 must have a Temporary Instruction Permit from S.O.S. for at least 30 days, unless the 30 days have been waived. Applicants under 18 need to have a Level 1 Learners Permit for 180 days, as well as a Segment 2 completion certificate and Driving Log to Test.
Motorcyle Test $50 Cash Only
Motorcycle Skills Test. Please bring your Motorcycle Temporary Instruction Permit, as well as your registration and insurance for your motorcycle.
Auto Test for Sundays are $60. The test consists of a Basic Control Skills test followed by an On Road Driving skills test. The test takes approximately 45 minutes.

Our Staff

Gregory Wier
Gregory grew up in the Ann Arbor area and has lived in Michigan his entire life. He is an outdoor enthusiast. He loves to ride mountain bikes, motorcycles, and raced motocross for most of his life.
Halley Hoth
Mindy Misure