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Elevated Beauty Lounge

We offer Eyebrow Microblading, Yumi Lash Lift, Yumi Feet and Eyebrow Henna services at Elevated Beauty Lounge. If you are looking to have brows and lashes that look amazing and require little...if any maintenance, contact us today.
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Our Services

Microblading Consultation
Go over the process of Microblading. Includes complete mapping out and drawing of brows, going over potential color choices and aftercare. Discuss areas that need to be bladed and technique used. If needed, evaluate prior tattoos or previous Microblading and determine if eligibility of process.
Microblading design and procedure
Includes a complete brow mapping and design based on the symmetry of your face. Pigment color matching selected by skin typing and color theory. Microshading available to clients who may need some extra color depth and fullness. Tattoo coverage available, but consultation is required prior to ensure proper results.
4-6 Microblading follow-up
Follow up from initial Microblading appointment. Refine and touch up and areas where pigment didn’t retain. Ensure pigment is properly implanted and proper color tone is desired
3-11 months Microblading touch up
This is a touch up before the annual appointment but after the 4-6 week follow up. This is for individuals who haven’t had all pigment fade but really want their brows to pop with color. Price can vary depending on work involved.
Annual Microblading Touch-up
Touch up design and make needed adjustments to shape, color and symmetry.
Yumi Natural Lash Lift
A process that gives your natural lashes a defined upward curl. The lift lasts 8-12 weeks. It contains no harsh chemicals, is hypoallergenic and guarantees no breakage or damage to your lashes. Developed in France and unlike any other lash lift on the market.
Lash Tinting
Yumi Feet
Amazing new treatment that leaves your feet callous free and baby soft for a month. Say goodbye to the grating and harsh callous removers. Feel the difference with Yumi feet.
Extension removal
Plasma - Upper Eye Lift
Helps to lift the upper lid and tighten skin that can overhang.
Plasma - Lower Eye Lift
Firm and tighten the lines and skin under the eyes.
Plasma - Crows Feet
Smooth out and lift the lines at the sides of the eyes.
Plasma - Nasalabia Folds
Reduce the inward fold that runs from the nose to the corners of the mouth.
Plasma - Upper lip
also know as "smokers lip" and a way to give your lip a natural lip flip without the need for fillers.
Plasma - Lower lip
Help to decrease "smokers lines" as well as can be used to give the illusion off a fuller lip or "lip flip".
Plasma - Stretch Marks
Helps to smooth and create a firmer appearance on areas where skin is scarred with from being stretched. Works well on tummy, arms and sides.
Plasma - Brow Lift
Give droopy brows a lift and more youthful appearance. Can help to even out brows that may not be symmetrical as well.
Plasma - Jowl Area
Tighten the areas of the lower jaw and back. Give a firmer and more youthful appearance.
Plasma - Forehead Lines
Smooth out and treat areas where lines run across the upper forehead.
Plasma - Neck Lift
Plasma - Forehead Lines
Plasma - Belly Button Area
Excellent treatment to tighten area after pregnancy and create a smoother appearance.
Plasma - Full Tummy (2 hands width of coverage)
Plasma - C-Section Scar
Smooth and flatten the appearance and look of the scar.
Plasma - Acne Scars
Helps to smooth and reduce the look of pitted skin due to acne.
Plasma - Skin Tag removal
Safely remove skin tags at the surface. Consultation will be required.
Plasma - Sun Spots
Effectively remove the look of age and sun spots. Helps to give a uniform color and smooth appearance.
Plasma - Consultation

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