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Performance and pain management through strength and mobility training.
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Our Services

1 Hour Skype Session
Skype and Facetime sessions are a great way for me to work with you wherever you are in the world. Sessions can go any number of ways from nutrition and movement to breathing and meditation.
Group Breath and Ice Bath Session
Curious about the health benefits of focused breath work and cold exposure? Get a group together and try it yourself. Benefits include: -Improvements to mood and has been studied to help with depression -Increases growth of new brain cells -Decreases inflammation -Decreases chronic pain -Increases immune function -Activates your body’s own antioxidant production, helping to decrease DNA damage and aging -Increases endurance -Increases your resilience to stress
Private Movement Session
Private movement sessions are a way for me to dial in, deconstruct and improve upon whatever physical goals or limitations you might be having. They are free flowing and intuitive and are a great way to learn new skills or build upon old ones. Prices quoted are for sessions run from my Venice studio, however house calls are also available upon request for an additional fee.
Backpain Consult and Inital Treatment
If you have back pain, this is your first step with Home Holistic. In this session we will work together to uncover the nature of your pain and discuss a plan of attack. Every client is different, so the treatment options will differ in response. You will leave this session with an understanding of how to treat yourself and with homework to do so on your own. Follow up "Healthy Spine" sessions are recommended to ensure that you have a firm grasp of the concepts you will be learning.
Healthy Spine
If you have seen me for a consult already, "healthy spine" is your maintenance session. Each session will review your homework as well as progressively building on the program to increase the strength and resiliency of your spine.
Joint Health Assessment
If you are experiencing pain in your joints, movement limitations, or simply trying to improve your movement for your given sport, a joint health assessment is a great way to discover where your strengths and weaknesses are and how to improve upon them. Like all of my sessions, you will learn how and why your joints move the way they do and how to improve their range of motion and how to make them stronger and more resilient against future injury.
Joint Strength and Resiliency
If you already have completed a joint health assessment the joint strength and resiliency session is your next step towards bolstering and safe guarding you range of motion and resiliency. These sessions are aimed and increasing your active range of motion, improving tissue quality and maximizing strength at end ranges.
Body Tune Up
If you feel tired, sluggish, slow or just unsure on how to get moving, let me guide you. My goal is to help you become more aware of what your body needs and teach you how to listen and respond. We will combine breath and movement techniques, stretching and strengthening to get you feeling uplifted, light and strong.
Breath and Flow
Sometimes we just need to tone it down, move softly and focus on the breath. One of my favorite ways to wake up gently for the day or to tone it down for the afternoon. Breath and flow is about creating softness and movement in a way that doesn't overtax your system.
30 Minute Refresh
You've got 30 minutes, you want to feel energized and you want to feel like you've done some work, this session is for you. For all my regulars who know how to get it done, this 30 minute session is the perfect day shifter to keep you on the right track and going strong.

Our Staff

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