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Home Holistic LA

Full service, health and movement coaching. Better Posture. Healthier Joints. Smarter Nutrition. Optimal Breathing.
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Our Services

1 Hour Skype Session
Skype and Facetime sessions are a great way for me to work with you wherever you are in the world. Sessions can go any number of ways from nutrition and movement to breathing and meditation.
Private Movement Session
Private movement sessions are a way for me to dial in, deconstruct and improve upon whatever physical goals or limitations you might be having. Prices quoted are for sessions run from my Venice studio, however house calls are also available upon request for an additional fee.
Nutrition Coaching
Whether you are interested in losing weight, improving performance or simply trying to cut through all the noise, nutrition coaching is a crucial step in achieving your health goals. Home Holistic strives to create sustainable diet and lifestyle habits that are minimally invasive and easy to follow.
Group Breath and Ice Bath Session
Curious about the health benefits of focused breath work and cold exposure? Get a group together and try it yourself. Benefits include: -Improvements to mood and has been studied to help with depression -Increases growth of new brain cells -Decreases inflammation -Decreases chronic pain -Increases immune function -Activates your body’s own antioxidant production, helping to decrease DNA damage and aging -Increases endurance -Increases your resilience to stress

Our Staff

Nicholas Voroshine