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We are a counseling and coaching practice that uses a solution focused approach to both traditional and non-traditional therapy services. Whether it be Premarital Coaching ahead of your wedding day or traditional therapy for individuals, couples and families, we enjoy working with our clients to help them grow into better versions of themselves. We invite you to start your journey with us and see what self-enhancements can be made in your life and the lives of your loved ones.
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Our Services

Individual Session
Commonly known as “Individual Counseling” or “Psychotherapy”. Individual Therapy is a service where a client works one on one with a licensed mental health professional.
Family Session
Family Therapy may consist of all members of the family or any sub group, such as a parent child, siblings, caregiver and child etc. Family Therapy is designed to enhance communication between family members.
Couples Session
Couples therapy consists of both members of the couple participating in therapy. In my practice, a couple is not defined as a married unit. I define it as two people engaged in a relationship, seeking relational counseling regardless of time together or current legal status of the relationship.
Problem Solving Consulting
Problem solving consulting is unique to our practice. It is designed for individuals, families, or couples who need to work through a problem as it arises. Usually consists of three sessions, assessment session, problem solving session and follow up session.
Coaching Session
Coaching sessions are provided to individuals who require empowerment in certain aspects of their life. Clients will identify specific goals to be worked on, and together with their coach, will develop an action plan designed to meet those goals.
Pre Marital Coaching
While you prepare for the wedding day, we will help you prepare for the rest of your lives. Not enough couples are communicating effectively by the time they walk down the aisle. We would like to provide you with a safe and neutral setting to discuss all the major topics which plague married couples.
Short Session
30 minute session
Phone Consultation
Reunification Therapy
Parent Coordinator Session

Our Staff

Lori D'Elia