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Gian Antonio Pisterzi

A barber shop isn't just about the barber, it's also about the place. A place that creates a protective cocoon where customers feel at home. A pause, a feeling of peace and relaxation, a place where you can slow down the rhythm of life for a moment and spend time on yourself. A place where everything is designed to create harmony. Colours and materials, music chosen by the customer, and, if he wants, a glass of whisky or champagne while chatting with the barber.The customer or, rather, my guest, is totally free to experience the moment in the way he prefers, because it is his moment. My salon is intended to be a door to another dimension, that of total relaxation. The more relaxed the customer, the more gratifying the relationship.A wellbeing centre dedicated to people who care not only about wearing the right suit or shoes, but are genuine "connoisseurs" who want to extend this care to something that gets the most exposure, that says the most about us and represents us - our face.
8:45 AM - 8:00 PM
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Our Services

Free Hair / Beard style consultation
Looking for a new Barber or wanna change your style? Our team of experts will help you to choose the best solution for you. What are you waiting for? Join the Team Barbers for Connoisseurs
Connoisseur's Hair Cut
Hair is cut only after the required style and result is discussed with the barber. The hair shampoo is included before and or after the haircut.
Full Buzz Cut
Hair cut with clippers. Shampoo or head hot towel included.
Father & Son Haircut
Hair Cut Clean Up
Head Shave with Straight Razor & Hot Towels
This service is for anyone who likes a very close-shaven head. A hot towel with the fragrance chosen by the customer is placed on the head and patted to heat and soften the hair and skin. A rich soap is then applied with a gentle hand massage and the head is shaved twice. At the end, another hot towel is applied to relax and remove any hairs and foam on the head.
Beard’s touch up
Luxury Wet Shave
Classic shave carried out in the “Gian Antonio Pisterzi style”. It stimulates tired skin, leaving it smooth, moisturized and glowing. It also protects the skin from the weather. Enjoy the application of hot towels and a fast, energizing face wash with a purifying product.
Connoisseur's Scissor Beard Trimming
This is for anyone who wants to keep his beard long but trim it regularly so that it always looks groomed. Trimming with scissors gives a natural, clean and neat result. The service includes pleasant hot towels and the application of perfumed oils to make the beard shiny and soft.
Hot Towels Beard Shaping-CLIPPERS ONLY
This beard care service is dedicated for anyone who wants a natural short look “shabby chic” without resorting to the use of products such as razor, shaving foam, blades, etc., but only the electric razor. This service includes the application of warm towels with the preferred fragrance and an energizing facial wash with purifying product. If the customer wants a more defined look on cheeks and neck, the service will cost $50.
Beard Color
Facial Scrub
Revitalizing facial against hectic and stressing lifestyles. It deep cleans the skin to eliminate all impurities, dead cells and toxins that block the pores and prevent the natural cell regeneration cycle. A twice-weekly facial scrub prevents ingrowing hair. We recommend following it with a mask or face massage.
Last Minute Facial
Regenerating and Refreshing Face mask
This wonderfully pampering treatment totally regenerates the skin and eliminates all signs of tiredness. We recommend cleaning the skin with a facial scrub before this treatment.
Scalp Treatment
Face and Eye contour massage
A regenerating treatment that should be preceded by a complete facial. The skin is visibly toned and the dry skin effect, especially around the eyes, is eliminated. Specific massaging techniques stretch the muscles in the face and make it very relaxing.
Regenereting Face Treatment
An exclusively therapeutic treatment that includes cleansing, a mask and massage. Excellent for anyone who likes to relax for half an hour even when life is more hectic that usual (Power Nap). Background music and candles make the atmosphere very relaxing.
Gold Treatment
An hyper-relaxing treatment and an excellent way to be totally cut off from the outside world and dedicate some time to yourself. You can listen to your favourite music via diffusor and let yourself go completely. The service includes a shave or trim with a complete facial. (You should try.)
Centurion Treatment
A complete hyper-relaxing treatment and an excellent way to be totally cut off from the outside world and dedicate some time to yourself. You can listen to your favourite music via diffusor and let yourself go completely. The service includes a haircut and shampoo and a shave or trim with a complete facial. (Warning: risk of falling asleep.)
12 Months Membership Unlimited Haircuts & Clean Ups
15% off on the in store products is included. With this membership you can add unlimited services of your choice for 12 months at a great price. If you bring 2 friends you will get an additional month added to your membership and your friends will receive a 15% discount on a service of their choice.
Hair Color
Hear - Nose Wax

Our Staff

Men's grooming Specialist. You'll look your best when you stay under my comb & shears. Join the revolution.
I define myself a “nomad barber”, constantly determined to express at my best to the art of barbering. It is an art made of gestures and sensations. That's why I decided to join Gian Antonio: far from the name of huge corporations but close to what I love.
Gian Antonio
Gian Antonio opened MADE IN ITALY Barber Shops in Milan & 55 Wall Street,NYC in 2015. The Barber Shop isn't only about the Barber, but also about the place, where everything is designed to create harmony peace & relax. Great skills on shaving & beard trim.