Other psychics or tarot/oracle card readers may tell you what happens. At Timing Magic, I will tell you WHEN it happens because I am a TIMING EXPERT! And with spiritual permission, sometimes the timing can be changed to benefit you, which can be helpful for healing, creating the right relationship with your life partner, or creating a business! My skills of 2 decades: Astrology, Herbalist (MH), Tarot, Pendulum Dowsing, Flower Essences, ULC Reverend, Usui Reiki Master, Energetic Healing, Cord-Cutting, Aura Cleansing, and Chakra Balancing. I am an annuals Author for Llewellyn Worldwide in over 2 dozen annuals and having my first book on timing skills (currently untitled) under contract! I look forward to helping you navigate life's mysteries with reassurance, vitality and love!
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10:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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Our Services

Lu-erde, the TimeSeed: 1-issue Timing Consultation
This 2-hour session ($400 introductory) will be fully concentrated around the ONE burning issue you need in order to help you in your life and to plan your timing toward the very best possible outcome. This includes ANY healing services that can facilitate the timing information sought, and can nail down a very precise time-window for your intention, or your vision. If you tend to be unfocused, I help you hold space so this can get done and manifest accordingly.
Lu-losse, the TimeFlower: 3-issues Timing Consultation
This 7-hour session ($750 introductory) with an hour break built-in mid-way, will be centered around THREE timing issues (usually related to love, money and health but they are up to YOU the client!) This is a much wider scope, possibly planning for the entire year ahead or more, often the choice of my professional intuitive "soulpreneur" clients, designed to long-range plan your timing in the best possible outcome, working toward smoothness, focus and grounding. This also includes ANY healing services that can facilitate any of the timing information sought, and can nail down very precise time-windows for your intentions, or your vision. I help you hold space so this can stay focused, grounded and get your plan done to manifest accordingly.
Lumenna, Of the Hour: START HERE
This email or cell phone text allows you to sample my service by asking your most burning timing question. I'll respond with what I receive via my intuitive abilities. At that point, you can just know your timing (and calendar it), no obligation to go further. Or, if you want to create your desire faster, with spiritual permission and healing, you can apply the full amount toward either the Lu-erde Time Seed, or Lu-losse, Time Flower if it's booked and paid for within 30 days of the Lumenna response you receive. These are scheduled to be done TUESDAYS through THURSDAYS. Thank you for your trust in me and my timing services, I look so forward to assisting you!

Our Staff

Lisa Allen
My experience as a TIMING EXPERT became apparent after a quarter century of doing Astrology, Tarot and Dowsing with a Pendulum, and even bringing energetic healing and Herbalism to the mix a decade ago. Let's deep-dive this weekend! Looking forward - Lisa