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Our Services

Basic training required - Two-hour class - All materials included - Learn how to assemble a 3D Moravian Star. A 7 3/4 inch, 12 point, open center star made with beveled glass in your choice of color.
Private Lessons 1 hour (min)
Minimum 1 hour/half hour increments - For the Beginner or the Advanced - Materials not included
Workshop 1 hour (min)
Basic training required. Minimum 1 hour/half hour increments - Materials not included - Workshops are for the Experienced Glasser who needs a helping hand getting though a special project or just needs to use the drill press or a ring saw for that difficult cut. This is were you can come in with your project and work with our tools and equipment, and if you run into a problem we will be here to help you through it. -*Equipment requested for this scheduled time (ring saw, drill press, bender, etc...) -**You acknowledge that knowing how to operate the equipment is required and that any training for the use of any equipment will be part of the time scheduled. -***You acknowledge that any damage to the equipment used, tools or the Studio caused by the user's negligence would be the user's responsibility to have repaired or replace
Coming in
Let me know you're coming in, and make sure we will be here. Whether you are planning a Custom Design, dropping off a repair, buying glass for a class pattern, information on classes.

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