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Water Fusions

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Personalized nutrition using liquid herbs, super foods and alkaline water infused together into great tasting health juices and smoothes that make you feel good! Choose health topics from: brain support, juice cleanse, detox, diet, digestion, energy, immune strength, stress relief, skin care, pre and post workout plus more. Raw Food: Protein Bars, Granola, and Acai Bowls Choose from hundreds of herbal supplements, get a custom built health program built for you with a validated body analysis scan, listen to your body talk. Infuse your life with our natural beauty and balancing therapies, that Include: Oxygen bar, 3D therapeutic massage beds, chakra balancing and red light skin rejuvenation.
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Our Services

STRESS Detox Scan
Learn about your DNA and gain the power back you need to Thrive! You can have the knowledge you need to naturally feel happy and energized! Your DNA Stress Scan shows deficiency and inflamed areas needing balance. This state of the art technology gives you a complete organic and genetic report of: emotional stressors, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies and environmental burdens. You don't have to let STRESS wear you out. Be the master of your mood. Your a click away from a simple scan that could have living life surrounded in good vibrations. Chronic stress is an American epidemic! Work, Diet and Poor sleep drains life.
Quantum Resonance Food/Sinus-Allergy Scan
Need more energy? Skin problems? Stomach pains? Brain fog? with a simple non invasive hand scan you can see what foods could be effecting how you feel. See over 1000 food, pollen, materials, animal and other allergens compared against your sample and get an informative analysis that shows percentages of tolerance from high, medium to low.
Quantum Medicine Hand Scan
We start out with a 30 second hand scan, followed by a 30 minute assessment of your body's information. Together we look at the 3 major components of maintaining optimal health: Physical, Environmental and Psychological Wellness. HOW and WHY This quantum technology gets detailed accuracy, right from the palm of your hands. Centuries before medicine poked, probed and did lab work the human body was examined holistically for dis-balances and dis-ease using your hands and feet. How Hundreds of acupuncture points connected to every internal function happing within every part of the body. With advancement in science these techniques have been perfected with minimal error and with a simple hand scan, giving one the ability to take preventative action in keeping themselves balanced in a toxic world. Come listen to your body talk! Get enlightenment discovering the most advanced machine on this earth, YOUR human body! Knowledge is POWER! No Knowledge is powerless.
Nature Walk & Fusion Nourishment Sept 8th
LOVE Your True Nature Discover your true nature within: Learning how you can live life whOlehearted. Opening up your highest vibration to LOVE! Regain your trust in yourself and universe. Location & Time: Saturday Sept 8th 8:30am Salt Lake City east-side location TBA What it includes: 1:30 min. group nature walk and talks Heart nourishing 16oz. Water Fusions Drink Belief building codes and practices to open up your heart to love, trust, forgiveness and inner peace. 30 day herbal tincture designed to open the heart chakra
3 Day Body Renewal
9 Fusion Drinks for total body cleanse-detox
5 Day Conscious Diet-Detox
Listen to your body talk using a body toxicity scan, and have a custom detox designed just for you.
Liver Skin Nourishment Cleanse
Your Cleanse Includes: • A body wellness scan that shows your 5 major organs and their levels of toxicity. • 3 Red light therapy sessions • 3 medical grade collagen oral shots • A 1 month herbal detox supplement of choice • 3 fusion drinks designed for organ & skin nourishment • 1- bottle of our Bath Body Detox formula • 1- bottle wild crafted organic shea butter • 1- bottle custom designed skin nourishing body MIST
Aura Coaching - Consultation
POSITIVE ENERGY SHAPING Dissolve mind & body blockages (Things that stop you from getting what you want) Build a healthy road map (Create your journey for success) Open up your abundant life potential (Consciously living life freely)
Herbal Smoothie Cleanse
Initial price with Scan and 3 Herbal Smoothies $59.95 3 custom built herbal fusion smoothies $29.95 The perfect introduction to fun and effective cleansing for your lifestyle. Your cleansing smoothies are filling and flavorful fusions, mixed with earth dense superfoods and herbal gifts that balance and cleanse inner body energies. NO: Dairy, Animal Products, GMO's, Grains, Sugar, Alcohol, Gluten, Preservatives All smoothies can be customized to fit your dietary needs.
FREE Body Toxicity Scan
Check & Prevent Environmental toxins from robbing your energy to heal and thrive at your highest vibration. This 15 minute consultation with EMFI hand scan looks at the different toxicities that could be effecting your natural wellbeing. Learn what and how you can prevent toxins from wearing you out.
Chakra Balancing
Bio Informational hand scan shows your body's chakra dis-balance and then provides a 5 to 30 minute balancing session using earths elements: Light, Sound, Water and Vibration. A balancing session leaves one feeling a complete sense of wellbeing in body and mind as well as giving you valuable information to help keep you spiritually and emotional balanced.
Oxygen BAR
Breathe better feel better!
Red Light Therapy
Skin rejuvenation session
Massage Bed
Step into an innovative and therapeutic body shaping massage system designed for a speedy relief for back, neck, shoulder, legs and feet discomforts.
Oxygen Facial & Hydration Fusion
Elixir Party Catering
Lets us bring the Fusion party to you! Healthy elixirs and oxygen bar catering for your next event. Please select the day of your event include your contact information, and well reach you promptly to help bring a healthy fusion energy to your next event. We cater to all types of events: Birthday Parties, Wedding, Company Parties and more. Well bring our bar to you are host your event at our Fusion Bar.
Energizing 3 Day Chakra Cleanse
This 45 minutes is designed for you, explore your inner being. A cleanse of letting go of disabling blockages and opening up new energies of true bliss. Cleanse Includes: 1) Light, Vibration & Harmony Therapy 3) Herbal Enhanced Chakra Fusion Drinks 1) Color Balancing Body Scan 1) Meditative Mantra Program
Elixir Nite - Create a Masterpiece Wellness Potion
Come join our NEW Elixir Nite where guest unleash their inner nature to create a fun potion of wellness. During this two-hour-session get step by step instruction, great music, and an entertaining atmosphere creating the perfect setting for a special event. Workshop Includes: all materials - 32 oz. Glass Growler - Herbs - Vitamins -Minerals - Superfoods and fusion drink with a light snack. Our September 5th Theme BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT! we will spotlight nutrients that support: Brain focus, Memory, Immune strength, energy, and skin care Class cost- $39.95 per person This is an adult only event which makes it perfect for a date night or girls night.

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