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Personalized nutrition using liquid herbs, super foods and alkaline water infused together into great tasting health juices and smoothes that make you feel good! Choose health topics from: brain support, juice cleanse, detox, diet, digestion, energy, immune strength, stress relief, skin care, pre and post workout plus more. Raw Food: Protein Bars, Granola, and Acai Bowls Choose from hundreds of herbal supplements, get a custom built health program built for you with a validated body analysis scan, listen to your body talk. Infuse your life with our natural beauty and balancing therapies, that Include: Oxygen bar, 3D therapeutic massage beds, chakra balancing and red light skin rejuvenation.
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Our Services

BF Health Scan
A 30 second hand scan followed by a 25 minute assessment of your body's information, looking at the 3 major components of maintaining optimal health: Physical, Environmental and the psychosomatic.
Chakra Balancing
Bio Informational hand scan shows your body's chakra dis-balance and then provides a 5 to 30 minute balancing session using earths elements: Light, Sound, Water and Vibration. A balancing session leaves one feeling a complete sense of wellbeing in body and mind as well as giving you valuable information to help keep you spiritually and emotional balanced.
3 Day Body Renewal
9 Fusion Drinks for total body cleanse-detox
Red Light Therapy
Skin rejuvenation session
Oxygen BAR
Breathe better feel better!
Aura Coaching - Consultation
POSITIVE ENERGY SHAPING Dissolve mind & body blockages (Things that stop you from getting what you want) Build a healthy road map (Create your journey for success) Open up your abundant life potential (Consciously living life freely)
Quantum Resonance Food Allergy Scan
Need more energy? Skin problems? Stomach pains? Brain fog? with a simple non invasive hand scan you can see what foods could be effecting how you feel. See over 1000 food allergens compared against your sample and get an informative analysis that shows percentages of tolerance from high, medium to low.

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