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Custom club fitting, building and design; lessons and coaching.
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Our Services

Golf Lesson
Private one on one instruction with one of the games best coaches in the industry. Michael, Travis, Andy and Tom have been teaching on all TOUR's for over 5 years and has even consulted for many of the games top coaches. Come see how they are different from the norm and how they get results faster.
Custom Iron Fitting
Get personalized iron fitting and test all the major brands
Custom Driver Fitting
Test all the major brands and more to be fit uniquely to you!
Edel Wedge Fitting
Comprehensive wedge fitting process testing a number of lofts, bounces, and grinds to fit you just right.
Putter Fitting
Get fit properly like never before when we check everything from head weight to counter weight to neck configuration and much more. We will look at aim and green reading as part of your assessment as well.
Full Body & Club 3D Assessment
In this session you will be measured with state of the art 3D technology allowing us to see every movement in your body from head to toe in 6 degrees of freedom. We will also be measuring both the ball flight and club delivery information to understand the full picture of what is happening and why. All this information will be relayed in an easy to understand manner and you will leave with a game plan for better practices. All data will be available for sharing with the customers as well.
One-on-One Fitness Session
General Fitness - Month
4 training sessions per week with your choice of 3 different times each day for a month. Each session includes pre and post nutrition.

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