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Libby's Art of Healing, LLC

It is our mission to open the doors to better health, by opening minds and hearts to a better way of living. We are here to educate those around us, as well as ourselves, about health and the benefits of massage and natural healing. It's time to get to the source of your pain. We are dedicated pain relieving therapists with over 16 years of combined experience, and we are here to work for you.
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Our Services

Therapeutic Massage 30-min
Stiff neck? Back pain? If you have that one pain that's been a pain, then this 30 minutes will have you feeling better before your lunch break is up.
Therapeutic Massage 60-min
Every session is customized to help create lasting change that provides space for physical healing in pain management
Therapeutic Massage 90-min
90 minutes is what you're looking for... just say "Yes".
Swe-Thai 60-min
This session combines Thai Yoga stretches with Therapeutic massage. These customized advanced techniques creates a harmonious blend of results driven therapy.
Swe-Thai 90-min
Loosen stiff joints and relieve low back pain.
Relaxation Massage 30-min
Relax on your lunch break!
Relaxation Massage 60-min
Unwind,.. let go,.. and set down the weight of the world for the next hour.
Relaxation Massage 90-min
90 minutes of no kids, no fuss, no requests... Your job is only to Relax,.. Nobody needs anything from you for the next 90 minutes.
Traditional Thai Massage 60-min
This therapy is performed on a mat on the floor with the client fully clothed with no lotion. These passive yoga stretches help to loosen and decompress your joints.
Traditional Thai Massage 90-min
This ancient healing tradition goes back 2,500 years. Come experience the traditional Thai way, and find out why it's been around for so long.
Hot Stone Enhancement
Melt away your worries with perfectly heated hot stones added to your massage. Hot Stones are added to your entire session, no additional time is added.
Cold Stone Facial Enhancement
Sinus troubles? Puffy tired eyes? Need to relax? Then add a Cold Stone Facial to your massage. This 15 minute enhancement is added into massage time.
Salt Scrub Enhancement
Detoxing Salt Scrub = Hot Towels, Himalayan Salt, and an amazing Foot Massage with Creamy Shea Butter will enhance any massage to a luxury level. 15 mins of massage time is given to Salt Scrub enhancement
Massage Cupping Enhancement
This technique of vacuum therapy helps to loosen stubborn tissue, and relieve old stagnation. This enhancement is used throughout the session.
Warm Bamboo Enhancement
Heated bamboo sticks are used to help melt stubborn knots and go deeper into the tissue.
Vitamin Consult
Kristina Libby is a Youngevity Representative. Youngevity is a high quality Supplement company that has been establish for more than 25 years. Kristina will discuss supplemental recommendations from the founder, Dr. Joel Wallach.
Massage Consult
Massage therapy is great for so many ailments, however, its not for everyone. Schedule a free consult to find out if massage therapy could fit your needs. Our expert therapists are trained to evaluate each client on a case by case basis.

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