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Our Services

Classic Full Set Eyelash Extension
Lash for Lash (1 x 1) extensions offered in Mink, Cashmere, or Colored Lashes
Classic Refill Eyelash Extensions
Lash for Lash (1 x 1) refill (Mink, Cashmere, or Color) **Available for existing Lashing IT clients only, we do NOT refill new clients**
Eyelash Extensions Removal Only
Remove existing Eyelash Extensions without additional services
Removal + Service
New clients needing eyelash extension removal of outside technician's work also booking FULL SET.
Additional time
15 minutes to be added to currently booked service only ** Can NOT be booked without a refill and/or full set appointment**

Our Staff

Master Technician
All of our staff members are Master Technicians experienced in creating full luxurious eyelash extensions specializing in our Lash for Lash technique.