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Santosha Wellness views each person as a multidimensional system, including all aspects of body, breath, mind, intellect and emotions. Our aim is to address each facet as part of an integrated body through Yoga Therapy, Nutrition and Ayurveda
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Our Services

Initial Consultation
An initial consultation is a comprehensive intake of your health, lifestyle, challenges and goals. This is dedicated time just for you and generally takes an hour and a half to two hours. From this consultation, we will design a plan suited to your specific needs. Plan may include a combination of any of the following: Diet recommendations Lifestyle/daily routine Self care practices Herb and supplement recommendations Yoga asana and/or exercise recommendations Pranayama (breathing techniques) recommendations Meditation/prayer/spiritual practice recommendations Goal setting and coaching
After your initial consultation we will work together on an ongoing basis to move you toward achieving your goals and living an extraordinary life! Follow-up will be scheduled according to your needs and desires.
Yoga Therapy - Initial Consultation
Therapeutic yoga sessions can address physical, mental, spiritual and emotional issues you may be struggling with. Allow us to help you gain the strength and confidence you need to overcome!
Therapeutic Group Yoga Class
Today's fast paced and demanding culture pushes many of us beyond the life skills and coping mechanisms we possess. This often leads to stress, anxiety, depression, weight gain and chronic diseases. Your group may be undergoing a particularly stressful time or event or you may be experiencing a chronically stressful situation. Either way, we work with you to help relieve these pressures and teach simple techniques to increase resiliency and stress management capabilities. Gather your group of 4 -10 people and we will assist you through these difficult times.
Diabetes Education
As a Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietitian, I will work with your healthcare provider to help simplify the often overwhelming task of managing your blood sugar and possible complications of diabetes.
Full Body cleanse
Your body is under continuous assault from toxins and pollutants in the environment, in the food and drinks we consume, and the chemicals we put on and in our bodies everyday. Many of these toxins are stored in the fat cells of our body and are not efficiently removed. Over time there is a build up leading to imbalances and eventually, disease. Allow us to help move you through a deep cleanse of the system. We can assist with a simple 1-day reset all the way to a 2-week comprehensive cleanse.
Spring Cleanse & Detox
4-Days to a new you! Includes one initial consultation, 30 days of cleansing herbs, 4 days of food, personalized herbal oil, one 60 minute massage, one 40 minute detoxifying infrared sauna, and one 60 minute personalized guided yoga & meditation session
Introduction to yoga - 3 session series
New to yoga? This 3-session series will give you all the basics so you will confident and safe moving forward in your yogic journey.

Our Staff

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