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We create the perfect blend of wholistic wellness, organic, cutting edge technology and medical professional influence - infused together to create custom facial treatments for pampering or restoring your skins' natural beauty. We have over 16 years of experience. We care about your skin!
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Our Services

Consultation Facial
New to facials? First timer? Not sure what to expect? This is the introductory facial for you. Expect: A truly customized cleanse, exfoliation, skin analysis, mask, hydrate and sunscreen. These are not a one size fits all products routine. This facial analyzes your skin before each step and customizes the next step based what your skin needs at that moment.
Stem Cell Infusion Facial
Using a cocktail of active ingredients and antioxidants, this regenerating clinical grade skin treatment is optimal for all skin types. Skin care goals include: - Increasing cell turnover - Brightening dull skin - Stimulating collagen - Reducing the appearance of fine lines - Strengthening and firming the skin and cell immunity - Transdermal infusion used to for maximum absorption of active ingredients
Customized Basic Facial
A deep pore cleaning facial that enlivens and energizes your skin's overall complexion. This is a wonderful introduction to a Spa de Esperanza facial. ​ Facial includes: Cleanse, customized exfoliation, mild extractions, light facial massage, customized mask, and moisturizer.
Customized Back Facial
A deep pore cleaning BACK facial that brightens and cleanses your skin's surface area. This is a wonderful introduction to a Spa de Esperanza's back facials. ​ Facial includes: Cleanse, customized exfoliation, mild extractions, light facial massage, customized mask, and moisturizer.
Acne Repair and Restore Facial
At any age, we can be the victim of acne. This is a specific treatment to reduce deeply congested acneic skin types. It focuses on the proper skin care, healthy nutritional support and maintaining control over active oil glands and bacteria. The goal is to help achieve a greater balance, resulting in a healthier, clearer skin complexion. ​ Facial includes: Cleanse, customized exfoliation, extractions, customized mask, and moisturizer.
Glamour Glow Facial
The ultimate hydration, relaxation and rejuvenation facial with complete scalp, shoulders and arms massage. An excellent customized facial for overworked, stressed or even dull skin. Complementary LED and Microcurrent included in this session. The balanced blend of modern meets classic. ​ Facial includes: Cleanse, deep customized exfoliation, mild extractions, LED, Microcurrent, customized facial massage, customized mask, and moisturizer.
House Call Consultation
This service included an in-home visit from your esthetician to discuss home care protocols.
The Anti-Aging Facial
A customized facial that encompasses the full range of high quality skin care modalities and products. This is the ultimate Red Carpet treatment inspired by a Hollywood Star and Ayurvedic Practitioner. Both muses shared their skin and supported an esthetician on her journey fighting cancer, end result: creating this treatment. This facial is the inspiration of wholistic skincare and the blending of Eastern and Western practices. A consultation and basic facial may be necessary before this Hollywood Facial can bring the skin's natural glow. Our bodies can only highlight it's natural beauty when we drench and nourish our body with high quality, clean and healthy nutrients (food).
Oncology Facial
As someone that has experienced chemotherapy, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to witness the first hand side effects of chemo on the skin. With my dual knowledge of both experiencing and working on clients with various forms of chemo side effects, I am able to perform a luxury treatment that addresses the many of these issue presented from chemotherapy: - Sensitive skin from immunosuppression by chemo - Skin irritations - Dry, lusterless skin tone from months of treatment exposure - Increased under-eye circles from chemotherapy drugs This treatment offers my fellow cancer survivors, embarkers and long standing journey goers a relaxing treatment from daily stressors that our cancer routines have presented on our skin. Facial includes: Complete customization of the cleanse, exfoliation, mild extractions (if requested), hydrating facial massage, scalp massage, lipid barrier infused mask, hand massage and finishing creams.
European Facial
This is a traditional facial rejuvenation with luxury pampering. Customized with aromatherapy blends, vegan, organic, medical and luxury grade products. This is a pure relaxing facial. ​Facial includes: Cleanse, deep exfoliation, full extractions, customized facial massage, customized mask, and moisturizer.
Underarm Wax
Upper Body Cupping with Back/Arm Massage

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