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More Than A Pretty Face Skincare Boutique is a private studio owned and operated by Barbara Clayton a licensed medical esthetician and educator. Services offered are chemical peels(all levels and only medical grade), Dermaplaning, Micro-current, Led light treatment, microdermabrasion, collagen infusion treatments, acne treatments( adult and teen) Lightening treatments, waxing(body and face including brazillian), Manzillian, Beard treatments, Power facial treatment , make-up application, lashes and more. If you are looking for a place to address your skincare needs and concerns please contact me and inquire about my complimentary 30 minute consultation.
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Our Services

Never had a facial or just want some pampering and relax time. Try my signature facial. Its a great way to try out my services and have a one on one with me about other treatments you may be interested in. The facial is still customized to fit your personal needs but centers more around relaxation. It comes with hand and decollete massage.
More Than A Pretty Face Spa Facial Package
Package of 4 for 360.00 ( save 20.00) Package of 6 for 410.00 (save 40.00) Package of 8 for 540.00 (save 60.00) The more you purchase the bigger the savings!
This service is going to focus on your individual concern. We will discuss what results you are aiming for and I will come up with a treatment for you based on our conversation. This facial is very result driven. Price will vary based on total treatment.
First Time Chemical Peel Client( 1st time with MTAPF)
A chemical peel is an effective treatment for facial blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation. It will also help with stimulating collagen and elasticity. Therefore aiding in firming and toning. For first time clients you will have a complete consultation and skin analysis before peel is done. This includes paperwork and homecare instructions. This peel will usually be a level one peel unless I feel that the client is ready for a level 2 .
GROUPON SPECIAL(Please use this button if you are holding a groupon)
This is for any client holding a first time groupon. I accept one groupon per client. At present I have three offers on groupon and I welcome all my new potential clients . Currently I am redeeming groupons only wed thru fri but if you have a special request please feel free to contact me with your request.
Chocolate Truffle Facial
Indulge yourself in our succulent, smoothing and sensual chocolate truffle facial. It has become one of our most popular spa facials and will provide super hydrating properties to your skin. Not only will you love the smells of this treatment but you will love the way your skin feels and looks.
Chocolate Truffle Spa Facial Package
Buy a package and save... Package of 4 for 300.00 (save 20.00) Package of 6 for 440.00 (save 40.00) Package of 8 for 540.00 (save 60.00)
Chocolate Truffle Back Facial
We love chocolate for its smell, taste and its healing properties. Indulge your back in our special hydrating ingredients made with natural chocolate and a seasonal fruit. Your back will be cleansed, exfoliated, relaxed with a light massage and hydrated with chocolate. Doesn't it sound delicious?
Collagen Infusion Treatment
This unique treatment infuses collagen and elastin nano-molecules into the skin. The result is younger and suppler skin just after one treatment . Deep wrinkles begin to fill in and skin is firmer and toner.
Collagen Infusion Treatment Packages
Package of 4 - 480.00 Package of 6 - 710.00 Package of 8 - 920.00 Need more information about this treatment please call us 770-373-1948 or text!
Acne Treatment
Specifically designed to address the acne patient and all services are customized to help with adult and teen acne. Acne to can hit us at any age these times and I definitely see more adult acne and this can be due to products, environment, stress and more but it still remains that acne can be treated and most times made much better or done away with. This treatment will address the inside and outs of acne. The treatment will be different for each client but will consist of great information and individualized attention paid to every detail of the client. You will leave with a refreshed and cleaned skin and a routine to follow to bring back your skin to a healthier and cleaner existence.
Acne Treatment Package (adult and Teen Acne)
Package of 4 is 300.00 Package of 6 is 440.00 Package of 8 is 540.00
I Am A VIP Package Holder
Package Holders please use this category to book your appointment. If interested in my packages please call or text for information.
Platinum Anti-Aging Program( 5 treatments)
This program is designed to address maturing skin. If you are seeing deep lines, sagging neck and jowls, lack luster. This program is going to address you. 5 treatments will be customized to address your individual needs. Call for more info if interested.
This is a customized facial treatment especially for you. This treatment will address your concerns. This treatment can include 2-3 different modalities.(ex: micro current, microdermabrasion, LED, chemical peel etc)
THE LIFT( Face, neck & decollete
With age the effects of gravity can take its toll. The skin is not as firm and it begins to sag. This treatment addresses that issue. Your skin is cleansed and treated with an enzyme mask. Then a pure collagen mask is placed on your face, neck and decollete area. Lift bandages are them applied to the neck and jowl area and red light phototherapy will be applied, to help with the penetration and it also increases the skin collagen production. A visible diffirence with one treatment. A neck /decollete cream is recommended for continued difference to be seen. With 3 weeks use you will be amazed.
Derma-Planing Treatment (Single Session)
Dermaplaning is a professional refinishing peel or resurfacing technique used for painless removal of superfluous or vellus hair and on exfoliation of dead skin cell layers with a physician’s scalpel blade. This medical exfoliation procedure is safe and simple, it gently shaves the epidermis resulting in a smooth, soft look and feel for the skin. It is a excellent treatment for hyper pigmented skin and returning the epidermis to a soft, smooth appearance.
Derma Plane Treatment + mini facial
This treatment is going to help with acne scars, dark spots, uneven skintone, rough texture.
Derma-Planing + Full Facial
Single Dermaplane session plus enzyme application, healing mask and hand arm massage and scalp massage.
Platinum Hyper-pigmentation Program
If you are concentrating on reversing sun damage, dark spots, melasma or just evening your skin tone in certain areas. This is the program for you. This program will consist of 6 treatments targeting those concerns. Please contact me or sign up for a consultation if you are interested in this program and need more information. Homecare as always will be required to get the optimal benefit of these treatments. This program does include a 6% bleaching cream that combines a blend of three known bleaching and lightening agents.
SWICH Dermal Rejuvenation System ( its a awesome anti aging treatment)
The SWiCH™ is an anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment. Anyone interested in maintaining youthful, healthy skin, repairing sun damage, improving fine lines and wrinkles, and improving the overall integrity of the skin is a good candidate for the SWiCH™. It also helps with removing brown spots. Recommended for clients 35 years of age and up.
Microcurrent Treatment
Microcurrent Facial Treatment
Radio Frequency Treatment (RF) for Skin Tightening
Compared to other skin tightening treatments, RF does not damage the epidermis (outer skin layer) in any way. The radiofrequency energy or light energy heats the deeper skin layers during the treatment to boost collagen. Perfect for clients who want optimal skin rejuvenation with no downtime!
Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening Series of 6
This is for the Package Holders, who decided to pay for their services in advance. Please book your appointment here and if you need to leave me a note, you may do so in the body of this booking session. I have placed a service duration time of 1 hour but as you know it depends on your package and what service we are doing . Some will be shorter and some will be longer.
Consultation Only
Come in and lets talk about what your needs are and I will personally create a customize service for you. No question is silly and I will do all I can to help you with your challenge.
Buy 4 and get one free Chemical Peels( level one)
This set of peels will fall in the superficial category and will be great for the person not wanting to see sheet peeling. The peels will be varied in PH balance and percentage and will be done every 14 days to receive the optimal benefit of the peel. (AHA AND BETA)
Massage and Facial pamper session
This is a customized pampering sensation and you must call for prices. The massage and facial can be upgrade or downgraded to minutes desired. 60 minute massage and 30 minute facial
Basic Brow Tint
Basic brow tint is for those seeking a basic black or brown tint.
Custom Brow Tint
This service will include mixing colors to get that perfect color of your skintone and hair color.
A Good Brow is Hard to Find(Brow design and Tint)
Your brows will designed to fit your face and your taste. A technique of waxing and tweezing will be applied to get the best fit. Then your brows will be custom tinted to complement your complexion and hair color.
Under Arm Wax
This treatment includes after care to prevent ingrown hairs.
Chin and lip wax
I use low soft and hard wax to do all waxing treatments. There is absolutely no double dipping!
Free Lip and chin wax with a Regular Price Facial
With a regular Facial you can add on a lip and chin wax for free.
The Ultimate Beard Treatment
For the man who lives for perfection and style. Your beard will be shampooed with a sulfate free creamy cleanser that will aid in defining the natural essence of your beard. Then your beard will be bathe in essential oils and steamed to further hydrate. This treatment will also help prevent and alleviate ingrown hairs and dryness.
This facial is celebrating the wonderful male. Our men have special areas of concern and this facial is going to address that .
Bikini Wax
Cancellation Fee
A 25.00 cancellation fee is the minimun amount charged for cancelling without 24hour notice or no showing for a confirmed appointment. The fee will be charged per hour.
Lavendar and Chocolate Body Glow Package
A series of six body glow treatments
Lavendar and Chocolate Body Glow
This treatment uses a medley of ingredients including organic chocolate , honey, wild crafted lavendar oil and organic sugar to invigorate, hydrate and nourish the skin. Afterwards you will enjoy heated towels and hydrating body butter or oils . This aromatic body sugar scrub melts tired muscles while smoothing and softening the skin.
MTAPF Signature Body Polish
This is our signature Body Scrub using organic sugar and classic carrying oils to exfoliate and nourish your skin. Aromatherapy can be added at the request of the client . Signature body butter or oil is used to hydrate the skin and give you that glow all over.
A series of 6 body polishes
If you have already paid for a package or series of facials please use this tab.
The big day is almost here and everything must be on point especially your makeup. This service includes professional make-up artist , strip lashes and a special token from More Than A Pretty Face to commenmorate your day. We take precious moments serious and will go above and beyond to make your makeup as special as you are. This service also includes a trial makeup run just to make sure we have it all on point for you. Deposit is required and the balance must be paid before the wedding date.
Private makeup lesson.
Single eyelash extensions attached to a single isolated natural lash. You will get approximately up to 80 lashes per eye and takes up to 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete. With the classic set, your lashes will look enhanced like when you wear mascara!
For those that have sensitive eyes and are not sure if eyelash extensions is right for you. We recommend an Allergy Test. 5-10 extensions will be put on each eye to test sensitivity.

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