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Balance Massage & Spa Bar is your one stop shop for relaxation in Marble Falls, TX. Book a massage to treat aches, pains, stiffness, and soreness. A series of treatments can also treat anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Our award winning Hyperthermic Sauna has amazing benefits for your body from skin brightening to blood circulation and tons in between. Give your organs a boost with a reflexology session and help them to function at their peak. If it's skincare that you're looking for you'll love our organic spa bar stocked with all the ingredients that you'll need to create your own products such as masks, scrubs, lotions, and toners to name a few. With 25 high quality essential oils you can customize in any way you like targeted to your skin needs. Follow our recipes or bring in your own. The best part is knowing that you are using all natural ingredients without fillers or unsafe preservatives.
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Hyperthermic Sauna
Sweat out the stress! Our award winning steam sauna has amazing benefits for muscle and joint pain, recovery time, boosting the immune system, blood circulation, sleep disorders, waste elimination, and skin conditions. Your head sits outside the chamber so relax with a quick session and you're right back to work.
15 minute sauna session combined with 30 minute massage
30 Minute Session
A short massage session to focus on one large area of the body or two small areas.
60 Minute Session
A custom 60 minute massage session that typically incorporates the full body.
90 Minute Session
A custom 90 minute massage session covering the full body with extra time to focus on problem areas.
120 Minute Session
A custom 120 minute massage session that covers the full body with extra time for relaxation, stretching and problem areas.
A technique of using pressure points on the feet to help internal organs restore functionality that has been reduced by stress, diet, and pollutants within the body.
Prenatal Massage
A 60 minute full body pregnancy massage focused on reducing aches from excess pressure on low back and feet. Our body cushion system allows a woman up to 30 weeks to lay face down without pressure on the stomach. All uterine cleansing points are avoided. Extra time can be added to the service, if needed.

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