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Dream Builders Professional Coaching was founded by Martez Layton along with his wife Woodrina Layton in 2008. Together they offer professional coaching and pre-marital counseling services. The goal for Dream Builders Professional Coaching is to actively coach others to reaching their goals and to heal and support those dealing with emotional pain whether current or from the past. Our focus is Life and Marriage Coaching. We have experts that specialize in restoring marriages that have been affected by infidelity. We are physically located in Atlanta, GA, but we offer our coaching and counseling services all over the world via telephone and Skype.
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Our Services

Coaching and Counseling Personal Strategy Plan
This is a call specifically designed to answer questions and to discuss options to move forward with the objective of obtaining personal, relationship and marriage goals.
Follow up session for Paid Clients
This session is for clients who have already paid and have already had a previous session.
Mid Week Check In and Updates for Clients
10 - 15 mid week check in and updates to be discussed to ensure that the established goals and concerns are being addressed. Checking in to make sure the right perspective is staying in alignment with the process.
Life / Relationship Strategy Coaching Session with Martez Layton
Designed to bring clarity and understanding to some of the challenges one may be facing. Also during this session you will gain a new perceptive on ways to move forward and to accomplish your desired goals. This is a great session for someone who really needs questions answered and who wants to discover their inner purpose, passion and potential. . From a relationship perspective this session is great for someone who wants to ensure that they are making the right decision regarding their relationship or needs to find out or discover what is hindering them from finding there true soul mate or destiny partner.
Couples Relationship Maintenance Check Up
This includes a 90 minute coaching session with Martez Layton along with the Prepare Enrich Assessment and the results. During this session gain clarity about your relationship and discover the strengths and the growth areas in the relationship. Consider this as the oil change for your relationship.
Relationship / Life Coaching w/ Martez & Woodrina Layton
This session allows you to gain both perspectives from a licensed counselor and a certified professional coach.
30 Day Refocus, Refresh and Realignment Life Coaching Sessions
This package includes 4 sessions with Coach Martez that will help to bring you into alignment with your true passion and purpose. Many of your frustrations in your life are there simply because you are not operating in your area of passion or purpose. During these 30 days you will rediscover what truly brings you inner happiness. And learn what are the things that are trying to hinder you from achieving your success whether it is dealing with your life, business or relationships or marriage.
Premarital Counseling and Marriage Enrichment Package
This includes the #1 Relationship tool the prepare enrich assessment along with 8/ 1 hour relationship coaching sessions with Martez or Woodrina Layton.
60 Day Premium Package; Save My Marriage From Divorce
During these 60 days your marriage will be transformed by removing the pain and hurt and rebuilding a solid love foundation. Together we will uncover the hidden obstacles that cause you and your spouse to stay in the destructive cycle. I will guide you and your spouse down the path of forgiveness and begin to rebuild the lines of communication by creating a means of better understanding one another. Each of these sessions are result driven and not time based sessions that will make it easier to attain the desired goals.
60 Day V.I.P. Overcoming An Affair Or Crisis In My Marriage Package
This 60 Day package includes 8 intense weekly sessions with Martez and Woodrina. Each of these sessions are result driven and not time based. Also included is mid-week check up to ensure continued ability to move forward during the healing process. This package is for a couple who are both committed to seeing their relationship restored after an affair. This package also includes a autographed copy of our book A Blessed Affair and the 7 Steps to Overcoming an Affair. Also this package includes the prepare enrich assessment and other assessments throughout our journey of healing and restoration. Also, included is a personal day that will be set aside for a one on one personal session with me spending time with you and your spouse.. For those outside of the Greater Atlanta area we will have to discuss travel and planning to take advantage of the VIP personal one on one time for a day. This package also comes with a guaranteed results clause. Ask for more details about the guaranteed results.

Our Staff

Martez Layton
Author of A Blessed Affair http://www.shop.booklogix.com/A-Blessed-Affair-7707.htm, Certified Professional Life and Marriage Coach, Infidelity Expert, Motivational Speaker Married over 26 years, Navy veteran for 12 years and an entrepreneur since age 30.
Woodrina Layton, LPC, NCC
My name is Woodrina Layton and I enjoy working alongside my husband coaching couples to marital success. I am passionate about seeing couples improve and succeed in maintaining a healthy marriage.