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Aesthetic Skin Specialist-Scientifically Advanced-Certified Organic Ingredients-Innovative Technology & Techniques for Anti-Aging and Anti-Acne-Premium Pampering. The power of the human touch quiets your mind, helps you relax, unwind and brings about a renewed sense of well-being. You will experience the highest level of personalized service in a warm, relaxing space. Technology and mixology of Eminence Organic Skin Care combined with extensive knowledge and experience counteracting the internal and external factors affecting the skin. Specializing in repairing and protecting from the LA climate and environment, clearing bacterial and hormonal breakouts for teens and adults and non-invasive anti-aging for firming, lifting and tightening. We offer from 30 min Express Technology Sessions to a 3 month Fitness for the Face Package.
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Our Services

1st Time Introductory Special
This gives you a feel for how we do our services and allows us to see and feel what you and your skin need and want. Experience your first Certified Organic Facial after your Set Up For Success Session.
Set Up For Success Session
Create a sense of clarity about the way you want your skin to look. Discover the essential building blocks for having natural healthy looking skin. Uncover the #1 thing stopping you from successfully taking care of you. Identify the most powerful actions that will move you toward your outer appearance reflecting the health and well-being you feel on the inside. Complete the session with knowing exactly what to do next to create a healthy, natural, nourished appearance. Fee for Session can be applied toward Skin Session if you choose.
EXPRESS Clear Breakouts
Blue LED Light with a clearing serum kills p acnes bacteria to clear breakouts fast. (extractions not included in Express). Discount available on series.
EXPRESS Reduce Redness
Red LED Light reduces redness and discomfort from inflammation while restoring calm and comfort to the skin. (extractions not included in express sessions).
EXPRESS Resurface & Rehydrate
Resurfacing Microdermabrasion smooths rough and bumpy texture followed by pure pressurized oxygen with vitamins A, C & E and sea derived minerals hydrate and revitalize your skin for smooth glowing skin. (extractions and masque not included).
Purifying and Hydrating Facial
Cleansing and decongesting with ultrasonic deep pore cleaning to remove build up on the surface and in the pores. Renews a healthy glow to a dull lackluster complexion.
Reduce Redness, Rehydrate & Revitalize
LED Light & Oxygen Infusion are the perfect antidote to dry, lackluster skin. Plumps fine lines and calms stressed skin restoring your youthful healthy appearance.
Oxygen Infusion Facial
A celebrity secret to silky smooth skin for two decades. Eliminates stressed looking skin from your life with regular treatments. Pure pressurized oxygen, minerals and antioxidants plump fine lines and hydrates skin, calms redness, accelerates clearing breakouts and gives skin an instant healthy glow.
Clear Breakouts LED Light Facial
Blue LED Light kills p. acnes bacterium while Red LED Light takes down inflammation combined with a personalized serum mix to achieve results to accelerate clearing breakouts. Ultrasonic pore cleaning extractions clean clogged pores to give your skin a clean fresh appearance. De-stressing hand and arm massage creates a relaxed feeling. Leaves you with the confidence that you can have 'I love my skin'.
Power Clean
Microcurrent and Blue LED Light A smart combo of small electrical pulses and light waves decongests clogged pores, destroys bacteria and takes down inflammation for you to enjoy clear vibrant healthy looking skin.
Resurface & Revitalize
Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Infusion Removes dull and dry build up. Smoothes texture, plumps fine lines, accelerates clearing crusty breakouts. Ultrasonic pore cleaning extractions, targeted firming, brightening or clearing masque, giving you a more smooth, vibrant, healthy appearance. Ultra relaxing hand and arm massage give you the restorative effects of the human touch.
Diminish Discoloration Power Peel Resurfacing
Microdermabrasion, Peel and Oxygen Infusion. This advanced approach to peeling achieves incredible results without damaging the skin. Low strength lactic peel is used to reduce the skin’s pH to destroy bacteria, boost hydration and remove build up on the surface, helping to decongest pores, diminish discoloration, firm and smooth the texture.
Firm, Calm & Radiant
LED Light visibly firms and tones skin, increases radiance, reduces redness, shrinks pores, improves color, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Ultrasonic pore cleaning extractions and ultra relaxing hand and arm massage.
Firming & Lifting Microcurrent Facial
Immediate firming and lifting of skin and muscles giving an overall more youthful appearance of the face. Ultrasonic pore cleaning extractions, firming masque and ultra relaxing hand and arm massage.
Firm, Lift & Tighten
Microcurrent and LED Light give facial muscles a workout, sculpting your face; jawline is more defined, cheekbones more pronounced, makes skin taut, enhances elasticity and firmness. Ultrasonic pore cleaning extractions and ultra relaxing hand and arm massage.
Firm, Bright & Clear
Microdermabrasion LED Light and Oxygen Innovative layered technology approach with ultrasonic pore cleaning extractions and leading edge products deliver the results you need to firm, brighten and clear your skin. The ultra relaxing hand and arm massage give you the restorative effects of the human touch.
Turn Back Time
Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent & Oxygen work from the outside in and from the inside out to resurface, revitalize, rehydrate, plump fine lines, lift muscles and tighten skin. For maximum benefit a series is recommended.

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